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Chaos, we all love it right?

Unfortunately, some people don't but here at Discord's Den, it is not only accepted but encouraged! That's right, the normality of other groups is so boring! Despite chaos reigning supreme, we do have the following suggestion, rule.

Follow the site rules.

Keep things chaotic!

Now for the suggestions.

1. Share your stories.
2. Promote your stories in the forum.
3. Create chaotic threads! Nopony wants to take part in forums that aren't full of chaos!

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My name is Discord. and I'm the Element of Chaos. and a Pegasus! what more could you want?

Alright. It’s time

I was going to post my new story...but I can’t after seeing what number of stories are here.

I’ll wait until someone decides to be an asshole and ruin 69

Listen I got a feeling we are going to keep bickering if we keep this up and I don’t really wanna start a war or something over something dumb like this argument.


And I’m still bamboozling people

Ah, but I am not keeping silence. Else I wouldn't be writing anything.

One does not simply keep silence ether yet here we both are

One does not simply 'bamboozle' others.

I have a story that somewhat involves Discord. I'll add it to the group.

Are you sure about that?


I’m going to destroy this with memes

All hail the lord of chaos!

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