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We could've just called the group "Everyday Ponies", kind of like that old song, but we thought the name was funny. This group is for OC characters doing normal things and the discussion of everyday things.

You want to talk football? Fine.

Want to talk about cars? Awesome!

How sweet your new grill is? Hell, yeah!

Your mom's gallbladder surgery? I guess...

You want to talk about how much life sucks? Keep it within reason; there are hotlines and services for that stuff. :derpytongue2:

You can also promote stories.

All stories must have the "OC" tag, and they must be focused on your OC. If your OC is a space pirate or a king, then this probably ain't the place for your story.

No stories meriting the "Fetish", "Porn", "Anthro", "Equestria Girls", or "Suicide/Self-Harm" tags.

Please restrict story promotions to once every two weeks. Post stories in applicable folders. All site rules apply, including those regarding embedding and linking. The group rules are in the forum.

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