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Rules, READ THEM!!!!

Ranking system
Member: You like memes and joined the group
Contributor: You post memes whether good or bad
Admin: Your memes are top quality and Two or more council members see potential in you.(Abuse of Admin will get you demoted or banned)

The council: BradyBunch, Crystal Hoof, Marcthelightspark2004, Ponybird21, BezierBallad[/url Venomblast

Our motto: It's Meme Time, it's Meme Time,
Gather all your friends, it's Meme Time.
It's Meme Time, it's Meme Time,
The only cure for sadness.

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Welcome home, even though it's been over two months since you've arrived. XD

Haha. I was trained in your memer arts by BradyBunch!

Back away! I will deal with this prequel memer myslef!

You missed the meme
The response is General Grievous
It is a prequel meme

This group seems crazy. :pinkiehappy:


*Midnight and the rest of the OCs hug Golden and his guild*

Ink: *squished* NOT AGAIN!

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