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Dragonborne Fox

It's one thing to create/throw already-established characters in a story of some kind. It's another thing to develop those characters, regardless of the situation they're in.


Request FAQ! · 9:55pm Dec 31st, 2023

So I said I'd be doing this thing, and by Godcat, Faust, and the Sweet Creator I'm doing it. For starters, requests will be separate from commissions, in that I can do these when I have nothing better to do, however there will be some caveats as to what I can and cannot do. That being said, the will nots of my commission FAQ (fetish art and/or Displaced-related) and such will apply here, with an additional lien on most NSFW request art in general unless otherwise specified. Similarly,

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Group Medals for Fics

I made this module because, apparently, medals in story descriptions are now illegal. No links to the fics, since there's a chance a mature-rated fic gets a medal from a group or two.

For the re-write of Arcane Shadow (Mature)

Some Blurb

Hello, I am a freelance artist as well as writer and—as of late, postponed—Let's Player for Fimfiction.

Requests are open again! The waiting queue forms here! Commissions open!

Updated comms prices, and made my hand writing more legible!

Other places you may find me at

@Philomenamagickz (seems defunct atm)
@Storm-Artists (empty atm)
@FurAffinity (kill me now; empty atm)
@FanFiction.net (empty atm)
@Facebook (Yes, I have a Derpbook)
@Pokefarm Q
Skype: Foxy the Yandere
Pokemon Vortex & Deluge: Florarena
Pony Fiction Archive: Dragonborne Kitsune
Fimfandom.com: Dragonborne Fox
Imgflip: Dragonborne Fox
Imgbox: Dragonborne_Fox
Cracked: Florarena
Vid.me: Florarena-Kitasatina

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https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1017935/new-start Follow my new fimfic profile please. I have authentication troubles with my old one so I'd love to have you follow me again.

Hey man, its me "RedeemerofDark" its been a while but I appreciate the feedback you provided on my lost account's story. Do you PM/have a discord? I'd like to talk to you if that's alright.

Thanks for the fav!

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