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It's one thing to create/throw already-established characters in a story of some kind. It's another thing to develop those characters, regardless of the situation they're in.


Happy Turkey Day · 2:23pm Yesterday

With utmost sincerity.

Today's gonna be a long day for me X~X

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Group Medals for Fics

I made this module because, apparently, medals in story descriptions are now illegal. No links to the fics, since there's a chance a mature-rated fic gets a medal from a group or two.

For the re-write of Arcane Shadow (Mature)

Some Blurb

Hello, I am a freelance artist as well as writer and--as of late, postponed--Let's Player for Fimfiction. My work isn't perfect, I know, but I'll usually take any art request so long as it adheres to site rules.

I walk a path seldom few dare tread: that of one who is broken inside despite a smile that appears each and every day. Yeah, I'm also the obscure crossover fanatic. Welcome to Hell.

Other places you may find me at

@Storm-Artists (empty atm)
@FurAffinity (kill me now; empty atm)
@FanFiction.net (empty atm)
@Facebook (Yes, I have a Derpbook)
Steam: florarena-kitasatina
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Gab: Dragonborne-Fox (uses my IRL name)
Vid.me: Florarena-Kitasatina
Minds.com: IRL name, due to migrating from Faecbook

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Hey, thanks for the watch!

2529028 Already did; forgot to fave it until recently. C:

Enjoy Princess Twilight's visits through the grim dark worlds.

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