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It's one thing to create/throw already-established characters in a story of some kind. It's another thing to develop those characters, regardless of the situation they're in.


Moving Update: House and Internet Secured · 8:05pm October 4th

Well, long story short, I ran into a whole helluva lot of problems just moving, many of which are personal and will not be blogged about (I ain't willing to find it later on flippin' Facebook. It's that complicated.) But the move has been a bit rough, particularly on the dogs, who've all decided it would be a GREAT idea to fight before they could get loaded into the various vehicles, causing a myriad of non-lethal injuries and a bit of bloodshed, the aftermath of which will need to be addressed

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Group Medals for Fics

I made this module because, apparently, medals in story descriptions are now illegal. No links to the fics, since there's a chance a mature-rated fic gets a medal from a group or two.

For the re-write of Arcane Shadow (Mature)

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Hello, I am a freelance artist as well as writer and--as of late, postponed--Let's Player for Fimfiction. My work isn't perfect, I know, but I'll usually take any art request so long as it adheres to site rules.

I walk a path seldom few dare tread: that of one who is broken inside despite a smile that appears each and every day. Yeah, I'm also the obscure crossover fanatic. Welcome to Hell.

Other places you may find me at

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2529028 Already did; forgot to fave it until recently. C:

Enjoy Princess Twilight's visits through the grim dark worlds.

Thanks for the faves and the watch! :)

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