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we are the bronies that don't follow the norm.
You think time turner is the Doctor? we say derpy is!
you say Flashlight is best ship? We say Rainbow Setury is.
go on the welcome thread.

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I'm in! Even now, I am really thinking outside the box:scootangel:!

391247 Oh, good. There's cookies and pujlnch by the door.

391246 Yes, I've watched that one.

391245 RainBow Dash Presents. Just search RainBow Dash Presents Captain hook the biker gorilla on YouTube. There's cookies and punch by the door.

391244 RBDP = Real Bad Dragon Pervert?

362099 (Insert RBDP quote here)

The norm is wrong. Sweetie Belle is evil! :unsuresweetie:

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