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Why do the good guys always get the spotlight? Why must villans be looked down upon? Evildoers(and evilwriters), this is our time to shine! Shamelessly post your evil, horrifying fanfics about anything from tyrannic plans to conquer Equestria to stories about Trixie serving sweet revenge upon Twilight! Let chaos reign!

Evil 101: Learn more about being evil and discuss about evil. New lessons will be posted at any time, so be prepared.

Story of the month: On the 20th day of every month, I will post a thread asking for your vote as to which story posted during the month was the best. The story must be complete by the 20th to be eligible; it also must have been submitted during the month. There are two titles: the Best Story of the Month and the Darkest Story of the Month. The Best Story of the Month title is for the most well-written story posted during the month. The Darkest Story of the Month is for a story which had the darkest, cruelest ending of all the stories posted during the month.

•Stories must be tagged dark. This group is not only for the most darkest, sadistic fanfics that ever existed on Fimfiction, but for any story that is tagged dark, regardless of if you wrote it or not.
•Self-promotion is allowed on this sight. Feel free to boast about your story, but remember: insulting of anything on the website is not tolerated.
•Last but not least, I want to see stories with bad endings! Although 'happily ever afters' are allowed, I prefer to see 'happily never afters'.

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Hi, everyone! Glad to be here! I hope you’re having a wonderful day full of inspiration. :pinkiehappy: Expect some stories from me soon!

Hey all,

Was wondering if anyone could give some input on my story Never Broken
It is grimdark with Spike as an antihero.

I'm having to revise my story, "Equestria's Last Hope: Prism Force" all the way through, so no chapters will be available until then. Sorry about that.

Comment posted by SeraphimBrony deleted Nov 9th, 2014

This looks like my type of group.

Yes, YES! My Godhood approches!

Hello, folks.
Eskerata here. Two of my stories have been put in the "Dark" folder. Equus Mortis is about a mortician/coroner pony who
fights an ancient evil. Rainbow Dash has been murdered, but who is ultimately to blame for her death? The only evidence is a single pink hair, but not everything is what it seems. Ghosts, murder, suicide and NIghtmare Moon await Equus.
A Merciful Way is about a pony with a damaged soul who tries to run from his dark past. But nooone can run forever.

I hope you enjoy my stories.

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