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Stormbreaker update · 5:45pm August 17th

Do to some computer issues, several hours and pages of work were lost and I have yet to find a way to recover them. I was very nearly done with the next chapter when my computer had an issue. Now, I'm almost 100% certain I saved the file before, yet all that remains in my folder is the three pages I had written weeks ago, not the near ten I had a couple days ago.

Feeling rather upset over the whole thing, and I haven't been able to bring myself to try to retype everything again.

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Well I think you'll do just fine, when your done with them. Good luck.:raritywink:

Well, the one I just posted the first part too Shatter Storm is an old story I'm reviving for posting. Magick of Friendship chapters that I have in my books, as well as a couple of other older works that have been sitting around.

Technically these are new, online anyhow, and I am rewriting some things to clean them up. For purely new stuff, I don't know. I have ideas that are in my head and seen very little pen to paper, but as far as MLP goes, I haven't really thought of any new works.

Witch old story's? Are you going to make new ones?

Keeping life together best as I can, and cleaning up some old stories for posting.

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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