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100% deceased this time, for sure. · 12:33pm October 12th

Hello all of you who still read this stuff. As you might recall from last time (god that was long ago) I am sorta dead to the fandom as I haven't enjoyed the show for about five seasons now and writing has been a challenge to say the least. All that said, I have started writing again here and there, and the result is a new chapter which I hope all you fine folks will enjoy.

Not much else to say, only that I hope to bring you more in future.

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Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all the TeiLestia you've written (along with everything else).

Here's hoping for more my dude!


I had no idea that was a thing. Glad for it though. You write some amazing stuff :twilightsmile:

Thanks for being my first follower. :pinkiehappy:

Even after all those years your cover art radiates warmth and happiness. For once it goes perfectly in line with your creations ^^ Thank you.

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