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Do you remember being born? Torn away from everything that is familiar and cast out into the unknown?

I do.

It haunts my dreams.

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So sweet!

I don't think it needs a sad tag. Emotional, yes, but not sad.

This is really good. The style is kinda what I failed do in the first chapter of my story. It was so bad but I left it up anyways. I don't think it needs the sad tag though. I'm not good with the tagging stuff so you probably shouldn't trust me on this.

HNNNNG! You are definitely paying for my medical bill. :heart:

oh this was a nice early morning read ^.^


Holy sweet mother of Celestia, that was a darn good fic. Faved, liked, and blogged about. Feel special :)

This was beautiful. I like how there is little actual dialog, but everything is narrated as some sort of letter or one sided conversation.

Do not read this, there were no fedoras involved, waste of time. The author is a disgrace to the brony art form. -1/10 worst erotica ever. Will only go into my folder of shameful fapping.

Sweet hell, this was beautiful.

Born into a free fall that makes a baby giraffe look like a lightweight.

4523871 You know what? They should replace the Sad tag with Emotional. It'll cover a broader range while still being accurate.

That was amazing! Beautifully done. :twilightsmile:

That was rather nice.:twilightsmile:

So Luna, when she was born, was caught by Celestia.

Seems like Celestia had no-one to catch her.

Poor Luna needs a hug! Or maybe I just need one.


half an hour, give or take a few minutes.


Which might be the second chapter of this story someday (Yes I know it's marked complete but that's because I don't have enough ideas to make it a reality yet.

Wait, so Luna just came into existence and she's already stringing together complete, coherent sentences, asking to stay with Celestia? That is one smart little filly!

Well, she got shat out of the moon. Probably more time for development since the moon is generally larger than a uterus or what have you. Who knows. There might be textbooks in there.

Nope this doesn't need a sad tag to it, as this is sugary sweet for a story.:pinkiehappy:

The ending was marvelous.
Also I had a dream of falling through the sky before, I could feel the wind, it was horrifying. It didn't help that I was stuck in a giant immobile mech suit lol. Somehow still felt the wind.

4526622 you made me laugh so hard dude! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

4525387 A bit off topic but I freaking love your name. :rainbowlaugh:

*slow claps* well done, well done.That was a masterpiece. Just the way it was told and that ending. I don't think I've ever liked such a short story as much as this one.

This was so cool! I loved it!

Very sweet with a bitter tang beneath. Beautiful, to be sure. And as others have said, that ending. :fluttershyouch: The feels.

Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

This was very sweetly written.


*Is speechless*

Not to be a story smasher but none of the princesses are goddesses. For one Twi. And Cadence are still ageing. The only reason Sun and Moon butts aren't ageing is either they are blessed by the GREEK GODS to complete the tasks assigned to them.

This is truly beautiful

That was fantastic, and for future reference, I don't think this needs a sad tag. It's not sad so much as it is terrifying. The sad tag is for when the focus of a story is on an event that is fundamentally sad, like your mom dying, not an event that is simply "OH GOD WHAT'S GOING ON AHH"

4529446 ? just because they have Cerberus and Tartarus in mlpfim doesn't mean canonly the Greeks are involved.

4529446 Or maybe they reached there growth limit and there Alicorn powers or preventing them from ageing.

4530681 true that could be an instance

4530170 I never said the Greeks were coming to mlp or anything like that, its just the Greek mythology shows a lot of ideas



From the Journal of the two sisters, which is supposedly the official chronicles of Celestia and Luna, Celestia and Luna were both born as Alicorns, and raised by other Alicorns. Celestia precisely states that Alicorn magic and unicorn magic differ greatly, and that it causes them to age differently. For those who were turned into alicorns though, I'm not sure how that works.

Where does the mistress of dreams go when she has a nightmare? To her sister. :pinkiesmile:

4524677 Well then...

I guess it's that kind of party...

Wow, short, nice and pretty well written ^^
This was really good. And that's even from a person who isn't a big Luna fan :P

Well done ^^

I understand your question about the sad tag, but I feel like this story is more hopeful than sad. A well crafted story that I greatly enjoyed.

The shower, the fanfic factory.

Perfection. :ajsmug:

Commence read.


Can't say it needs a 'Sad' tag, but you might want to clarify to the not-so-educated (namely me :twilightblush:) as to who she is speaking/thinking to. Fair story though.


A little to the audience, but more than that, to her elder sister.

4555658 Thank you and WOW that was quick. :rainbowderp:

Lol matron saint... Anyway fantastic story.

There needs to be a heartwarming tag

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