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Best friggin' stories ever!

  • Upheaval: Breaking Point A desperate war, old enemies returning and past mistakes come together to alter Equestria forever. by Visiden Visidane 177,716 words · 16,147 views · 1,933 likes · 45 dislikes
  • Upheaval: Reckoning Sequel to Breaking Point. The barrier is no more and the Legion is on the move. What happens next? by Visiden Visidane 264,426 words · 10,297 views · 1,697 likes · 47 dislikes
  • It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door When an accident leaves Twilight Sparkle seriously ill, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity must undertake a perilous journey to find her a cure. What adventures await them beyond Equestria's borders? by Jetfire2012 146,525 words · 9,755 views · 1,614 likes · 46 dislikes
  • Raising Rainbow After an accidental pregnancy, Rainbolt is left raising an adorable, sweet and spunky little filly named Rainbow Dash. Love will bring them closer, and time will leave them permanately embossed in each other's hearts. by Pizzema Forte 205,214 words · 7,290 views · 904 likes · 35 dislikes
  • The Mare Who Once Lived on the Moon In a steampunk reimagining of the universe, Twilight Sparkle finds perhaps the one pony as lonely as she is. It's rather unfortunate that they're on the moon. by MrNumbers 148,692 words · 15,412 views · 2,212 likes · 44 dislikes
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Thanks for adding When It's Gone and Worried and Awaiting to your favorites. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

2315265 Man does it deserve the fave! Such a good story!

Thanks for the fave on "A Sound in the Dark."

Thank for faving The Eye of Insanity, hermano :pinkiesmile:

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