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I write pony words. Millions of them. Some people actually think they might be worth reading. I am very thankful for that. Also, I have a Patreon now?


Princess Celestia, tired of the constant pressure that ruling a nation puts on her, decides to take a day off and let Luna take her responsibilities for a day, something the younger alicorn is more than happy to do. She disguises herself as a pink maned pegasus pony named Sunny Skies and decides to go walking around Canterlot without any supervision. Unfortunately for her, not all parts of Canterlot are as safe as the palace, and she finds herself at the wrong end of a gang of muggers, who decide to kidnap her for a ransom when they see how much money she has on her.

Luna freaks out.

Celestia thinks it's hilarious.

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Featured on Equestria Daily 8/15/13

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Edited wonderfully by sqarishoctagon and Cloud Hop

Updated cover art by Dominatore

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This could be good.

I have to say a typo in the second paragraph isn't very promising

I'm assuming this is a spin-off of Sunny Skies All Day Long?

If so, I commend you for doing it. :twilightsmile:

if this doesn't get Featured, I'm going to riot.


Definitely thumbs upping and faving so this gets featured. :twilightsmile:

2507131 Are you trying to say you're a person that exists outside my trolling on mod blogs?

Ah, Celestia and her pranks...:trollestia:



But seriously, I look forward to more of this story.:twilightsmile:

2507134 You aren't the only one! D:

Being the princess of the sun and the sole monarch of Equestria for a thousand years meant that Celestia had a very specific image that she upheld when in the public eye. It did her little ponies good and gave them courage when they saw her as a regal, unshakable rock that could protect them from anything and who was seen as everlasting just by her aura. It would have confused her ponies to see her giddily bouncing around her room like a school filly on her first day of school, throwing a few items into a simple saddlebag that she rarely used.

(Noble 1) D: What.... what is she doing?
(Noble 2) I .... I think she's leaving...
(Noble 1) ...Oh shit, those two idiots from earlier drove her insane, and now she's quit, didn't she? WE'RE BUCKED! WE'RE COMPLETELY BUCKED~! D:

2507149 How was the rest of the story?

This story already has premise I've yet to find anywhere else. Can't wait to see what happens. Trollestia's coming to play.

Getting hit in the head by a pillow(In her mind) and pretending to be knocked out? You troll! :trollestia:

I just love your works!

Before I start giving this praise, just a couple of things I need to nitpick.

"In truth I envy you your trip, sister."

You your? :P

"I well help in any way that I can!"

*Will There are other typos here and there, but this was the most noticeable.

Also, both of these lines Celestia basically repeats not soon after she says them. Just small little scenes to go back to and gloss over at some point. Those are really my only grammatical/dialogue based gripes. Granted, I could also complain how there aren't enough commas used at certain points, but that's likely just me. I, use, way, too, many, commas, for, my, own, g,o,o,d,,,.

Sorry if I sound like I'm just complaining about certain things, but I'd like for the first part to be well polished and well presented, because what you have here is actually pretty interesting and funny so far, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with this. What I'm saying is I'd actually like for the story to do well, because you have a good setup going right now.

But yeah, all I'm asking is that you just take some time to pre-read your story a bit more. Or perhaps hire a few volunteers to do it. Whichever works.

2507193 It could use polishing, but I do like where it's going. BronyWriter usually has interesting stuff

Trollestia at her finest. :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:
From BronyWriter, no less! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Great twist on the usual Celestia day off fic! i.imgur.com/2s0CoYf.jpg

Ok, this looks promising.

I, dear writer, shall fave, track, and up vote.

Don't let me down now.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Catching a tiger by the tail is not hard. Letting go is!

Also I wonder if Equesteria has the equivalent of our saying “To Catch a Tartar”.

Meaning to catch someone or something that turns out to be more formidable than expected.

More please.

Uh, why is Luna using Old English? The last time I heard her speaking on the show, she used Modern English

Thy princess approves. Tia always did have a most awful sense of humour. Continue at thy will hoof servant.

Come on! I was expecting a one shot...

Sounds like the Sunny Skies All Day Long fanfic by PhantomFox, but with a twist. I shall watch-or read I guess.

Now this is what I like to see in my notifications :twilightsmile:
Hope that this gets done quick, cause this just has sooo much comedic potential :pinkiehappy:

Only gripe I have is that "she felt what seemed to her to be something akin to being struck" sounds really awkward. I'd suggest cutting it down to just "she felt something akin to being struck with a pillow". It's simpler, and, combined with her realization about them trying to knock her out, gets across the message that they couldn't even hope of harming her.

That... doesn't sound overcritical does it? Oh dear..... :fluttershyouch:

:trollestia: and that's why they call her trollestia :trollestia:
:pinkiehappy: MORE MORE! MORE!? :pinkiehappy:

This will be funny.

Trollestia strikes again!

Luna is going to go ape-sh%&, but why... really? I mean... doesn't she know just how powerful Celestia is? Assuming she knows that it's Celestia anyways. Still, the reactions are going to be priceless, though I'm more interested in what Twilight would do if she found out. Rage-shift to end all rage-shifts, ripping the roofs off of the entirety of the Canterlot slums, while burning like an infernal star in the sky? Entirely possible. Spike would probably attempt to calm her down and be a voice of reason, but we all know that isn't going to happen.

Hoo boy, this is gonna be interesting...

I'm going to enjoy this. :yay:


*the muggers about to stab her*

celestia :twilightoops:*changes back*

muggers:aww horse feather *gets zapped*

this story is going to be a good one. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Hehehehe, I couldn't help but laugh in certain spots. I'm very interested in how this will develop! :pinkiehappy:

2507371 I always liked that character trait of hers. Plus, there's no indication that I'm giving of when this is. It could be two weeks after the Nightmare Moon thing.

Care to guess what I'm going to point out?

This will probably go quite well...right up until the muggers try and figure out who to send the ransom note to.
Even if they take it straight to the palace, nopony knows that's Celestia's mortal disguise, probably not even Luna! How will they react to having caught a noble nopony recognizes?

2508582 I have an editor going now.

>renovate the hoofbal fields

>Your sister too the last of it not ten minutes ago

>It did her little ponies good and gave them courage
You have two spaces between "good" and "and" :moustache:

>the best pastry chefs in her castle hasn't quite gotten the recipe right

Take me away and regale me with an with an enchantingly gripping tale, good sir. I shalt be waiting for further continuation, because this was what the nobles of the olden world referred to as: dat real good literary shit, ma *racial explicative removed*.

Your Antagonist

Oh, this is gonna be good. She is far too naieve in the ways of normal ponies, but hopefully she'll lose some of that as the story progresses.
Also, if she gets Stockholm Syndrome, then I totally called it.

a mugging felt like a pillow fight......

Oops you kidnapped the wrong pony.

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