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The princesses gave their magic to Twilight to prevent Tirek from stealing it. As a result, they end up stuck in Tartarus.

Marvelous place, Tartarus. Really brings ponies together. The fact that things manage to go downhill here says a lot about the wonders of family and alicornhood.

Spanish translation by SPANIARD KIWI

Audio Drama by Espa_Roba_5 and Ajvasquezbrony28
Live reading by The Living Library
Live reading by Astro-Brony

Proofread by Octavia Harmony

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:rainbowlaugh: I love it. All of it. That poor frog.

Well... I mean... But...

Yeah. Twilight is Buffy. But she's also Willow... How can she be Buffy and Willow?

Does that make Fluttershy Tara? And Rainbow Dash Xander? Pinkie Pie Anya? Applejack Oz and Rarity Cordelia?

I guess Celestia is Giles...

And now I'm all set for my Buffy/MLP crossover. :facehoof:

Oh, and since I realized I forgot to actually say this in my first comment, great story. It made me laugh. A lot. And also imagine how Bon-Bon would react to these princesses...

I like how Cadance's face misteriously gets better and it's never mentioned :-D

Reminds me why I think the finale is a piece of horrible written smurf that's all style and no substance. Plotholes everywhere. Stupid character decisions. Spitting on the Princesses characters (just for a change). But "Oh hey look, Twilight having a Dragonball Z fight! That means everything is awesome and we don't need to put actual effort into storytelling! Love our totally awesome finale! Worship us as great writers!".

Ugh. :facehoof:

At least it gives people a good source to write comedies like these...? I guess?

Awesome story, I haven't had a good laugh in a long time :rainbowlaugh:

*bursts into tears from laughing* Oh my that line!!!

“I miss my home, and how it never hurts my face.”


4556706 I like how a pony with a muzzle protruding from their head can somehow have their face flat to the ground.

I hope you wrote your comment with the awareness of a lot of people disagreeing with you. Because I do.

Also, featured.



Bwah! Ha! Ha! Ha! This is funny and made my day, thank you for a good,.good story. :moustache:

4556869 That was like less than an hour. Sure. Okay then.

4556716 I actually agree with you on this, I think they were just lazy and slapped together whatever they could think of so they could use some kind of excuse to give Twilight an actual castle (which looks shitty anyways :applejackunsure:). The fact that she's now the "Princess of Friendship" shows that even they can't think of a good reason for her to be a princess. Hurr hurr, the show is called "friendship is magic" so lets make Twilight the princess of it! I mean, that totally makes sense, right?

But yeah, i'm pretty much just gonna sit here and wait for all the downvotes to roll in, because overly obsessed bronies can't handle it when people don't think every episode is perfect.



Well, it's all about opinions. I personally loved the finale!

thank you i needed this

4556918 This was the story you needed, not the one you deserved.

4556967 Everyone deserves a story!:pinkiehappy:

“What?!” Celestia frowned. “Why would Tirek do that? He doesn’t know Twilight exists!”
Luna: "Do you remember all those stained glasses you oh so happily expends the royal funds on every time Twilight and her friends save the day? Specially the one about certain coronation?"
Celestia: "D´ÓH"



I agree this fic has more coherency than the whole season finale.

I upvoted this thing about halfway through, but it's the ending line that made me click favorite.

Freaking hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: Good work as usual, Aragon!

4556971 indeed i hate to see the story i actually deserve.

Poor Cadance. But hey, Shining, I'm sure he'll help her get over the trauma.

“A harmonica,” Luna repeated. “To play some blues.”

I don't know what Celestia is complaining about, that makes perfect sense to me.

Well, perfect in a relative sense.

What a hilariously great take on Twilight. I'd be calling for a Nanoha crossover at this point if a pretty awesome one hadn't already been written.

*dies of laughter and claps* Well done, sire! :moustache::moustache::trollestia:

“Oh, dear!” she said as she entered the room. “I heard a frog crying for help somewhere in this room! Did something bad happen?!”


I love this fanfiction, especially the ending! :rainbowlaugh: Also, what the buck happened to Cadance after she fell? WHAT HAPPENED TO HER EYES?! :pinkiegasp: Anyway, good fanfiction. Definitely getting a like! :pinkiesmile:

This is comedy gold! I like how Twilight is shown as a warfare devotee and enjoys using the power of friendship to blast everything.

Oh, poor Celestia! First she ends up in Tartarus, then she discovers her sister is borderline crazy, and THE that her best student is blast-happy. She did not have a good day.

That poor, poor frog. :rainbowlaugh:


Yes, Fluttershy, Luna acquired a harmonica. :rainbowlaugh:

:fluttershysad: Oh. Okay. I'll just, um, leave you to your important Princess-y meeting.

Goku seemed so harmless at first too, Celestia.

So harmless.

This was basically a recreation of every discussion in Red vs Blue, ever. Luna is Caboose, Cadance is Tucker, and Celestia is Church. It all makes too much sense.

Yeah, in hindsight, Twilight was never the most level-headed pony.
I like how a pony with a 2 foot horn can slam their head against a wall.

This made me laugh so many times. :rainbowlaugh:
Kudos on making comedy gold.

This had me dying out with laughter. I feel bad for that poor frog.

''Luna, you might need some harmonica lessons.'' :rainbowlaugh:

I enjoyed this immensely, thank you for sharing it!:pinkiehappy:

What a delightful piece of silliness. And reflections about Twilight: Warrior Princess :twilightsmile:

Yes. So much yes. A world of yes. May I sing an ode to yes? :yay:


I'd say Spike is Xander, Rainbow is Oz, and Applejack is Riley, but other than that, your match-ups are pretty much spot-on, by my reckoning.


Okay, yeah, Spike is Xander, but Rainbow Dash isn't chill enough to be Oz. I think Applejack is Oz and maybe Rainbow Dash is Riley... except I think (minus the whole sexual attraction to the "Buffy" of the group) Shining Armor is Riley.

Maybe Rainbow is Spike (the Buffy version) and Applejack is Oz?

Well not to put a hamper, but Twilight does show she is diplomatic in several episodes as she talks first and try to solve things withou vilonce. Recently is the Trade Ya and Twilight Time. However, she goes berserk when someone hurts her freind. Though I do like this version very much.
Though seriously, while Xena is not far off, I think she is more a intillegent book version of Goku from Dragon Ball. A nice crazy mare that is genetal nice to you until you hurt someone she hold dear and then blast to the afterlife and even kills them in the after life.
I wonder if they makes on of Mane 6 or Clestia be, Flash Sentery would be her Chichi (I hope I spilled her name right) and Spike is Gohan, a child that is usless in the early in life but will probably become the chosen dragon.

4558219 Meanwhile, on Frieza Planet 419:






4556909 *evil grin* Join me, my dissatisfied brethren. Together, we can bring order to the pony galaxy! :trixieshiftright:

4556655 Flash Sentry is Angel...

Yeah, that's about right. :trollestia:

This was the best piece of comedy I've ever read. Twilight has weaponized friendship. Awesome!


Yeah, I get your point about Rainbow not being "chill" enough. I suppose I can see her as Spi- ...erm, William the Bloody... Say, maybe Faith? (I know that if RD was Buffy - a match that I'd say is pretty-good-but-not-quite-as-good-as-Twilight - then Gilda or Lightning Dust would be perfect for Faith...)

And Riley/Shining Armor's a good match, too. Still not sure about Applejack as Oz, though. Sure, they're both the most level-headed of their respective groups, but it still feels like a "pair the spares" solution to me. Whoever's Oz should be even more chill, and fairly laconic, too... Oh! Perhaps Big Mac? :eeyup: Or Maud!

...But that still leaves no one for Applejack. Hmm... It's been a while since I've seen Season 7, so I can't judge whether Principal Wood would be a decent fit... I'll have to ruminate on this.

>>>“What? No!” Luna rolled her eyes. “Pffft. Escape from Tartarus? Without magic? That’s not possible, Sister.” She frowned. “Well, it is, as Tirek did, >>>

Yep. Pretty 'smart' of Tirek to imprison them in the place he just walked out of. Thank goodness they weren't smart enough to just head for the gate and command Cerberus to let them pass, since I'd kinda expect he'd know Celestia at least.

*sighs* Just one thing of the huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge list of plot holes and other issues with the episode.


Wood wouldn't fit. And I guess it depends on if you think Oz's most defining quality was how laid back he was or how level-headed he was. I always related him more to the latter quality, so Applejack as Oz does not feel like pairing the spare to me.

And Faith is Trixie or Sunset Shimmer.

Celestia bit her lip. “I… I didn’t think about Discord, to be honest.”

We know, Celestia. Oh Faust how we know. :ajbemused:

No... Twilight and Flash Sentry do not have a kid. He already have a illigement one in Ponyville, he has one kid too many already.
Besides, Spike would more likly become Super Dragon and burn Flash Sentry to a cripse then let momma date anyone he doesn aprove. :moustache::facehoof:

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