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There are only three real monsters: Dracula, Blackula, and Son of Kong.


While on a trip to Canterlot to do some research, Twilight happens upon a dust-covered book titled Insane Edicts: A Legal History of Equestria. Sure, the book seem innocuous enough, but when she opens it up she discovers that Celestia is far more eccentric than she'd like to believe.

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Lol very funny!:rainbowlaugh: Celestia talking with a mouth full of cake was the best.

I'd believe it, the book I mean.

Oh alex, you're so silleh. :heart:

Great story.

You forgot the time she declared an official prank war between Equestria and Philomena... and Philomena won...

Anything with "Caligula" and "Celestia" compared in the (short) description is either going to be amazing or terrible. Considering it's you, this is going to be amazing. :pinkiehappy:

EDIT: Yep, I was right.

Want to see LUNA reaction at finding this particular books:pinkiecrazy:

Just wish it was longer, or a number of short chapters to be updated whenever a random idea comes to mind. Still love it for what it is :pinkiehappy:

Shit, dude, you pump out the silly like Akumo:rainbowlaugh:
I could easily imagine more inclusions of stories, guest chapters, the whole deal, but it works great as is.:yay:
~Dash The Stampede

A thousand years is a long time. Plenty of time to go through the cycle of sanity and... less sanity.

At first, I wondered why Celestia didn't just burn the book, but then I realized that doing so in front of Twilight would probably lead to Celestia's greatest foe ever. And one who knew her greatest weakness. As such, she defenstrated the offending tome, averting Twilight Cakebane.

Thank you for a hilarious read. :twilightsmile:

Or when she put the color of the sun up for a vote, and plaid won.

I liked those weird law books as a kid, so I read this. Could there be more? Or a sequel?

4525828 "Well Good thing no one else was on the moon to see ME go insane"


I wonder which used book dealer Lucky Find will sell this obscure volume to? (Oh No! :twilightoops:)

This was wonderful. A perfect mix of the confused present with short stories from the past, with no pattern except insanity. :twilightblush:
As for story ideas, the time when Celestia declared the nearest (male) guardspony a princess of Equestria and then took a month off to relax on a beach.


Or passed a law that said all Alicorn Princesses were entitled to 3 pieces of Eye Candy each day...

Like we didn't already know Celestia was crazy.

I'd have liked it better if Discord had found the book, and gone up to Celestia...to offer his sincere congratulations for such lovely chaos.

Bakerarchy? Sounds like Pinkie's got a new goal to shoot for...

Short, cute, and direct to the point. :twilightsmile:

....just like I like my women! :pinkiecrazy::heart:


you can't blame celly, she's lived for so long you just don't give a damn

4526329 Also what she went through is actually one of the phases most people who are leaders or suffer from mental illnesses go through, only celestia lived long enough to get past it. a person normally doesn't get past there's until they are on their death bed.

The only one of the rules that makes sense is the moon one, but I very much doubt this Celestia did it out of guilt, because that's a reaction a normal person, or in this case pony, would feel.

At least it was good for a laugh.

THIS.. IS...DELICIOUS! :twilightsmile:

“Luckily, the ‘Don’t Look at the Moon or I’ll Throw You in the Pit Act’, as it was often referred to by locals, was repealed twelve hours later when Celestia looked at the moon by mistake and didn’t want to serve her billion year sentence.

I think I'm in love

I want to see her descent from insanity back to sanity.


At least it's not Spike's secret magazines.

Nothing else needs to be said.:trollestia:

I've always had a soft spot for ridiculous laws, like how in my town if the Natives ever attack we need to stockpile our weapons in the local church.

Daymare! Oooooooo oh oh!! Fighter of the Nightmare! Oooooooo oh oh!! Champion of the Sun! She's a master of karate and friendship for everyone!!!

You are getting really good at getting featured. :pinkiehappy:

Hilarious! Definitely worth the read. :heart::heart:

Then Lucky Find reprints the out of copyright book. Hilarity ensues. :trollestia:

This was brilliant.

I think it was funnier is that Twilight built a castle while she reading. Maybe she was meant to be a princess after all. She can't be worst then Clestia first couple of years since her ownly odd law is that anyone damage a book would get a month in jail and banish to the stars destory them, unless there not books. But hard cover crap disguise as books.

"No," said Celestia, turning away. "This calls for more... drastic measures." She turned back to the mare, her eyes hard and her face stern. "Execute Order 66.

And it was so that Celestia became the Emperor of Equestria and all of the Jedi Unicorns were killed. Only Starswirl (Yoda) would survive to one day train Twilight Sparkle :rainbowlaugh: (I know, it's riduculous)

4526137 Celestia has yet to repeal that edict.

If you thought Nightmare Moon was bad, you don't want to see, uhh... Daymare... Sun

Lmao! :rainbowlaugh:

bravo sir, a very good oneshot:moustache:

Celestia is best princess/troll
This was hilarious as heck :rainbowlaugh::twilightblush:

Dear god this was fricking hilarious

Whoa, so what is Order 66? Who...?

pointing at a particularly skyscraper.

Maybe add tall? I love this little story you made.

Whoops, typo. Thanks for pointing it out. It should be fixed now.


She also hasn't repealed the one decreeing that she must be given the finest muffins and bagels in all the land whenever she drinks from the Keg of Glory. And that's taking into account the massive amount of protesting by the Devour Every Regal Pastry for Years (DERPY) movement.

(Invisible Cookie to anyone who gets the reference)


4527862 Order 66. The execution of all Jedi.

Lemons? Dungeons? Insane Rulers?

They might be related

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