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Her Royal Highness, Princess Luna, is trying to catch up on lost sleep. She deserves it, after all the hard work she's put in to keep the city of Canterlot safe. Now she can turn the lights down, slip into bed, and finally get some rest.

If only Canterlot weren't under attack by the endless swarms of the Changeling army...

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Ha. :rainbowlaugh:
Nice lil' job.
If it wasn't for school wifi and laziness, I woulda given you a gif. So, have a heart instead.

> > :ajbemused: < <

Oops. Sorry. Wrong emoticon.

> > :pinkiesick: < <


You get the idea.

This is the most perfect godsend that has ever been conceived and sent to entertain lesser beings.

Meh, this make sense.

A cranky Luna is a scary Luna.

The comedy is a bit more forced than I tend to enjoy, with the comedic bent applied to Luna's personality perhaps a bit overdone, but nevertheless it's a good read. Thumbs up :twilightsmile:

I can totally see this happening off screen. It perfectly explains why Luna wasn't present during the invasion.

I like this Luna... in small doses. :pinkiehappy: Brash and obliviouis to reality. Seems very apt.

(also methinks she has a pillow fetish)

4436128 It really isn't the big mystery people seem to think it is. If you watch Luna's arrival in Part One you'll see she comes flying into Canterlot from outside the shield. Apparently Luna doesn't sleep there. :rainbowhuh:

Now THAT is why we need 3 parters in <MLP. This was quite joyous, that 'perfect crime' was just perfect. If only there was the scene we ALL wanted to see. Everypony's response to Luna's question! xD

sounds like me when im sleep deprived

It's Celestai's fault!:pinkiecrazy:

Awww Luna likes Tea party. I got to say I don't blame her at all. Sometime I just need to sleep without anyone bothering me :yay:

Heh, I saw the title, cover art and read the symposus, so then looked at the tags expecting to be a 'dark' and 'gore' for Luna going berserk and murdering all the attacking changlings. I was disappointed but then noticed there's a 'comedy' tag.

Lets see what kind of lulz I can get out of this.

Hah! Okay, that wasn't too bad of a story.

A plausible explanation as any for why her highness wasn't present when the changelings attacked. Great job, Obsy. :heart:

~The lizardman approves

Luna-Fuck you i want to sleep! Sleep first invasions later!!!

I feel the need to applaud this charming and well-written story. (can you tell I just had a run-in with a particularly putrid pile of phonetic trash?) This was enjoyable to read and I found myself laughing. Nicely done!
I always thought that Luna actually decimated many strategic maneuvers by the changeling army and her, "did I miss anything?" quote was meant to be sarcastic. Awell... Perhaps I've found material for my next story. :ajsmug:

Yay! I don't care if it's a headcannon, but OMFG FINALLY A POSSIBLE EXPLANATION FOR WHERE LUNA WAS AND WHAT SHE WAS DOING!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::raritystarry::raritystarry::yay::yay::yay::twilightsmile:


Makes sense to me. Sometimes a mare just needs her sleep. Thank you for an entirely believable story of the dearly beloved princess of the night. :twilightsmile:

Obs, eat a dick.

I always just thought that the castle staff just didn't think of it. Completely overlooking Luna yet again, or possibly not understanding the anything in "Don't wake me up for anything."

But this is certainly amusing.

I hate Meghan for what she did to Luna in this episode.
But you, Mr. Author, managed to turn this silly plot hole into a funny one. :rainbowlaugh:

*Grins* Very nicely done. Bravo.

Oh, my sides! :rainbowlaugh:


This is one of the most plausible theories explaining Luna's absence that I've heard so far. Sleep deprivation can do this sort of thing.


Horay for making up excuses for lazy writing!:pinkiehappy:
But in all reality, really good story guy.

You should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS let sleeping Gods(and dogs too!:pinkiehappy:.) lie!

I'm reminded of another story regarding Luna and the invasion...

Although that one featured a sleeping Luna transforming into a sleepwalking Nightmare Moon and terrorizing every pony and changeling unfortunate enough to have riled her, or too have been too close to her at the time.

I think this one was funnier, though.

Better explanation of where Luna was: she was hiding in terror cuz she's scared of bugs. :trollestia:

If things hadn't gone so well, that message from Celestia would've been truly painful in hindsight. :fluttershyouch:

Huzzah! It is a good story.

I wouldn't have upvoted it just for the titles' wordplay. But I would have wanted to.

Good to see you on the wagon again Obs!

4436076 I take it you haven't read the Luna micro-series comic? Because this is that Luna, to a T.

I found this amusing, but that last line? Utterly predictable.


I have read it (together with all other official FIM comics). I just didn't like it and don't consider it canon. I find the Luna of the comics to be a parody of her show self -- and a not a very amusing one, at that. In fact, the only MLP official comic I really liked was the Celestia and Spike one, the rest I found merely okay-ish.

“Princesssss Luna,” hissed the foremost changeling, grinning wide at her. “Canterlot Casssstle is under—heh heh—new management. You will come with ussss now.”

Luna paused for a moment, allowing her tired mind to process this information.

She yawned. “Your Princess is tired,” she declared. “You will tell your new manager to report to me in eight hours.”

And with that, she shut the door.

Just perfect!

And that kids is how you deal with invaders!

You know, there was never any indication that she meant she missed the entire battle. She was more likely simply asking if anything had happened during a period when she left the reception briefly.

Surprisingly, this is the most likely re-telling of what actually happened. :ajsmug:

4439733 Thumbs downed because demo is worst class.

Ahahahaha, so hilarious. Her sister almost died, her subjects were in terrible danger, her country on the verge of collapse, and her response to it was "fuck off, I want sleep!". Hilarious, oh, so hilarious.


Why the smurf did Celestia allow you to rule at her side as an equal again, Luna? :ajbemused: Hand in your Princess title now, you're not worthy of it. Bronies threw a hissy fit about Twilight not being worthy to rule, but at least Twilight didn't abandon her subjects to a changeling invasion because she'd rather sleep!

This once again proves that people will forgive Luna for anything because she's Luna, even if she commits high treason. If it were any of the other Princesses who did this, the mob would be calling for their execution faster than you can say "alicorn". Logic! :twilightsmile:

Good story, bro. :yay:

An outstanding story. And the perfect length, lasting exactly as long as it took me to finish my 20 piece sushi lunch.

I noticed that this seemed to have been written in a manner similar to Douglas Adams. Very enjoyable, I say, good chap! :twilightsmile:

I love reading short stories like this, and they're usually changeling ones. Anyhoo...:derpyderp1: AMAZING JOB!!!:raritystarry:

So that's what happenned! :facehoof:

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