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Wait! So Rarity's being impersonated by a changeling? And Twilight too? And... the rest of the Elements of Harmony?

Okay. So what's the big deal again?

UPDATE: labeled as complete. I really can't think of anything else to add to this story. The second chapter will remain as a bonus.

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She's a changeling! You're a changeling! I'm a changeling! EVERYPONY'S A CHANGELING!!!

I like Bob's idea.

Why are we not doing Bob's idea?!

A very creative and funny idea. It would certainly be possible to continue this, albeit as a comedy. I don't quite think these changelings lend themselves to a dramatic arc, but that's your choice to make. Just a little typo:

My magic’s also been severally limited down here, so teleporting seems out of the question for the time being.

I think you mean "severely". :raritywink:

Epic! Simply epic! More, undoubtedly more! :rainbowlaugh:

is it wrong that i too thought he was giving the signal for a hug?

The girls are so screwed. And Celestia and Discord are screwed when the girls eventually escape and discover no one noticed they had been all replaced.

Love it! MORE :moustache:. I could see the changelings getting bored and just releasing the mane6. Then they could hang out with themselves.

You're a changeling, you're a changeling, you're a changeling, I'M A CHANGELING!!!



That is all.
Oh wait, just a bit more.
Thanks for brightening up my day NBD.:yay:

Celestia: Phew, they didn't catch on. Nobody can impersonate Celestia better than the Queen, am I right?


Everyone, someone's about to learn about a meme!

We actually took over the Element of Harmony!

"Who would have thought that convincing Celestia to fuse all six into a single unit would be so effective?"

“So we’re really all are screwed, aren’t we?”



I for one wholeheartedly approve of this!

Hell, wouldn't even be too hard to work into the cannon of the Coalition of United Terrible Evils cannon.

The entire world is composed of cherngelerngs...

...which is, of course, why I shall soon destroy it all... don't you see? I must. The voices say so... :pinkiecrazy:

You put out really good stories pretty often. I think you're kind of a prolific author. Have you ever considered trying to write professionally? Or if not as a living maybe still trying to publish something?

Dang, I expected the Princesses and Discord to be changelings too.

Dude, I love it. Please make more.

“That means we’ve won! We actually took over the Element of Harmony!” Larry finished happily,

There's only one Element of Harmony?

I could go for a second helping but I worry about diminishing returns a and sudden turn to darkness.

Plot twist: the changelings are actually titans from the popular anime Attack on Titan.

This story is good enough on it's own, but you're right, you could make it a thing. Like, they defeat all the problems in unconventional ways, e.g hugging.

Faved, and no. The day you make a story that I haven't faved is the day after a changeling replaced you. <3




This is so hilarious it almost demands a sequel. XD

i say it should keep going till the changelings get so overwhelmed pretending to be the main six till they give up and let them go.
Larry: why the #%$@% is everyone coming to us about all their problems!?

...Changelings actually are more competent at the Mane 6' job than the Mane 6 themselves.
Well, the Mane Six are getting their forced vacation :derpytongue2:

Mary, Barry, Terry, Larry, Gary, Bob.

Names so generic (and bland) that they end up being amusingly memorable. Nice touch.

7188251 Agreed. Derp’s on a roll with all these one-shots lately. I think it’s from polishing story drafts left in the backburner. Or maybe (s)he’s just incredibly fast at writing. :derpytongue2:

Prolific author? Definitely. Famous? No(t yet?), but deserves to be. :yay:

This is a beautiful thing to scroll down to the comments and just see. The combonation of the icon, the name, and the comment itself really blend well to a nonsensical piece of happy.

Nah, this is actually a really good place to leave off. Great story, but I get the feeling that if this story were to go on, the Mane Six would escape, and that would ruin the story for me. So would Chrysalis' plan being enacted, so this is really the only satisfactory ending.

That was fun to read :)
If you have more ideas, some extra chapters would be nice :yay:

Later on, FlutterBob's diarreah issues were questioned, and the group was found out. And yet no one cared. The real elements of harmony remained trapped. The end.

Had to make the story dark.:derpytongue2:

I would like to see more, my good sir! and it's not like i'm asking this because I want to see my brotheren take over equestria and stuff....TOTALLY the same Sunbutt as everyone else......

I love the apple jokes! Too bad is a simple one-shot.

This was the greatest story i have read in a long time. It was entertaining and made me laugh.
I want more! :yay:


This story got more than just one laugh out of me:rainbowlaugh: love it!
And I woudn't complain about a sequel :twilightsmile: Have a fave :)

this could go on forever. then a sequel where they become stand ins when the elements are busy.

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