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Given My Little Pony's massive success, Twilight Sparkle decides it's high time for both the Princesses to have a show all their own: a spinoff.

Now if only Celestia or Luna had any idea how to write a real show.

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... this was incredibly silly. I love it!

The Joy of Painting With Tree Hugger.

If that's not worth a Saturday morning time slot on PBS then nothing is.

Oh god... :rainbowlaugh: As soon as I saw the Discord tag, I knew this could only end one way.

Don't know about you guys, but I'd love a series focused on Celestia and Luna. Just have them do anything, really. Chores, walk around, sit in the garden ... it's all good.

I would watch the shit out of a Celestia-Luna spinoff

HA! Good fucking luck getting that off the ground. If it took us over 6 years just to get an episode centered around these two, Hasbro’s never going to let this concept see the light of day. And even if they did, I’m sure they’d find a way to ruin it.

Honestly, I'd watch a show about Celestia and Luna utterly failing to write their own show.

This is chaotic and brilliant. I love it! The world needs more wonderful fics like this!

Damn it, Cowboy Applejack! What does the 'S' stand for? :rainbowhuh:
Wouldn't you like to know. :ajsmug:

Seeds. Seeeeeds...
Y'can't grow Apples without 'em.

This would have worked as a show featuring the princesses, actually, had they just been put on hidden cameras and microphones (by Pinkie!) as they tried to work up a show format.

our show must be new… while at the same time remaining the same.

The truth... it burns us!

I'd watch it. All of it. Every single part of it.

Yes. Just... just yes. We need more Celestia & Luna, and this is probably the only way it'll happen (this story, not the show, unfortunately). We need more of these fics around.

Damn it, Cowboy Applejack! What does the 'S' stand for?

It stands for "shortskirtsandexplosions", of course.

They Talk,
They Talk,
They Talk, Talk Talk,
It's the Tia and Luna Show!

Picture Nights with Luna!


The art of drawing constellations with your magic!

Loved this! Hope there's a sequel to the story where we can see what happens once Celestia and Luna's pilot airs. :trollestia:

I laughed so hard with this. :rainbowlaugh:
Take your upvote and favorite, you deserve it :ajsmug:

Queen Chrysalis’ 18,000 Kids and Counting.

I would definitely watch that. :rainbowderp:

(...)When was the last time you even used that battle sword of yours?

“This morning! To butter my toast!”

My favorite :twilightblush:

I'd rather watch Disco: This time it's ponies.

Discord: "What did you do this morning?"
Celestia: "Well I woke up, raised the sun, then went to work."
Discord: "There's an episode, that's an episode!"
Celestia: "...so what happens?"
Discord: "Nothing! It's the show about nothing!"

This was silly but really enjoyable, nice work!

I would kill for an actual series focused on Celestia and Luna.

One could probably rotoscope her over a bob Ross clip.

“I agree with my sister!” Luna added next. “You would only use our show to insult us or turn our lives into complete mockery!”

He does that to everyone not called Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy.

This was great! I hope this turns out to be more than a oneshot.

new show idea, Two Changelings Renovating Houses: "welcome today we have a standard canterlot pony domicile- *HHHHSSSSS* with but three bedrooms and two bathing rooms, when we are done it shall house twenty berths, three dozen bathing facilities, a pool table, and one tastefully decorated corner with magazines...."

8545796 As would I. :moustache:

8545614 "If it's about nothing, then why am I watching it?"
"Because it's on TV!"
"Not yet it's not." :twilightoops:

8544841 Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

8544377 Where's Poochie? I mean Spike. :trollestia:

8543407 Thanks for saying so!

8542910 "One happy little tree over here. And another happy little tree over here. Oh, man. I'm tripping so hard right now. Must be the paint fumes. Yeah... let's go with that." :applejackconfused:

8542939 Surprised nothing's happened. Then, honestly, not surprised. Even a 12 episode Netflix run would be great. Prequel or sequel or whatever. Slice of life or adventure. Give me!

How could I not enjoy this? :moustache:

Okay, I saw the subtitle and knew something was coming

but when Discord called Luna "Blueberry Celestia" I completely lost it and had to stop reading for a full minute until I stopped laughing hysterically.

Well played, Derpster. Another worthy addition to your already impressive collection.

8547368 I always try to name the chapter title something that I especially liked in the story. That nickname, for one reason or another, just stuck out.

Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

If nothing else I'd like to see what they do when Celestia sends her dirty work to Twilight and gang. Are they actually doing anything constructive, or heading off to Hawaii for a week?

Well this was something! Why did I have to put this in my "Read It Later" when it first came out? I should have read this right away - it's hilarious!

well, that was amusing. :pinkiecrazy:

I got a picture in which chrysalis calls Luna Blueberry

'S' stands for Socrates.

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