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"The purpose of the first draft is not to get it right but to get it written." -John Dufresne. Please send corrections via PMs. The Blade of Quill & Blade


This story is a what if side story to Secret's of a Royal Guard. The reader is assumed to be familiar with the Quill & Blade universe. If you're not, Knight & Day will make little or no sense to you. It isn't meant to be a stand alone story.

Silent Knight and Sunny Day are both young officers in command of a House Guard. They're quite accustomed to working with each other and the princesses but are they ready for the crowns' curious request? Join them on their latest adventure in this what if story!

Not Quill & Blade canon

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This seems interesting. Definitely will give this a read. So what has the situation to do with the mirror? Wait, no spoilers right? :rainbowlaugh:

Pretty interesting all the way through up until "Azurite mostly" then it was hilarious.
It's the simple things.p in life.
I'm betting on alternate reality/human twist

“Azurite, mostly.”

Milk now stains the wall.

6485585 The mirror in the SSTB library went to the mirror universe with evil Celestia and good Sombra. Although I think it was supposed to be retargettable using a spell, so I guess it could be anyone really.

Nice little introduction. :)

I'm guessing that this will explain why the Q&B universe is called Equestria 6. I'm curious if we'll get to see any of the other alternate universes.

lmfao not often you see SIlent get flustered. that is epic. I like this story so far.


This story seems a bit odd in that it doesn't show up when I put it my Read Later or Tracking lists. Any particular reason for that?

6485311 You know me with the spoilers! Although in this case I can help out a little. This story takes place after the Comic Book MLP FiM #17. Although it didn't end the same way as that arc.

6485585 I'm glad you liked the punchline. I've been thrilled to share that one for a while!

6485697 I have no regrets!

6485772 :pinkiehappy:

6485842 It will actually!

6485995 I'm glad you're enjoying it!

6486107 Indeed! This is an unpublished story only shared for Q&B fans. It doesn't have the production value of a true story and I didn't really want to put it out there for everyone's consumption. You'll still get updates though even if it doesn't show.

I've always loved the way these two interact. Heh... Mostly Azurite indeed.

Sunny Day snickered and said, “Isn’t that what Crystal Wishes said to you on your…” She trailed off at my glare. “I mean, let me help you!”

Burn attempted then denied. haha
I was so hoping someone was gonna fall through the mirror. alwell. this is a fun little story so far.


Nah, just messing. Carry on with this awesomeness! Also.... Sunny, you do not make sex jokes to Silent's face where he was the perfect opportunity to enact revenge! You do it where he cannot get back at you or does not hear until later! :pinkiecrazy::moustache::trollestia:

Now I'm wondering what it would be like to see Silent, Crystal, a few others of the Quill and Blade verse in the EQ style (and possibly setting).

I, am SO excited to see which characters comes next...
What a great idea for a story! I look forward to reading more, and I know it will be great based on how awesome your other works are. :)

This is Equs 6. so we should have at least 5 teams come through.

Wonder if there will be any more then that?

Lol. I love this. Nice final line.

They really didn't think their naming conventions through...

Simplify it.. Name, and Grouping...

Princess Celestia, Mother Mare - Equus Group 1
Princess Celestia, Princess Luna - Equus Group 2
Fluffy Pony, Chryssi Doll - Equus Group 3

Rofl I love these mini silly chapters.

Next pony are Pink Pony and Pinkie Pie

This is so dumb it's awesome.

Can't wait for the next one.

Laughed hard at Silent almost breaking the fourth wall at the end. Can't believe I didn't see this story until now, hilarious premise with a lot of potential.

6537290 With it being unpublished it doesn't give any sort of notification other than my blog posts so it is easy to miss ;) With it being so niche (an AU of an AU) I thought it was best to keep it that way!

6535618 That is the goal! Just a silly story.

6535268 Sadly this story was written before I'd come up with Pink Pony =\ she won't be an alicorn in this one!

6534808 Poor SK and Sunny didn't think of that!

6534387 We'll find out next Friday!

6534347 Team Fluffle Puff

6534035 I'm really glad you are enjoying it! I do love to be silly now and then and this is silly for sure.

That story is hidden from the populance who don't look over blog posts and aren't fans. Sneaky.

This is briliant! I quite literally exploded with laughter at them T-rated jokes...

Man I love this side story! The non-cannon sillyness is fantastic! I half expected an alicorn SK to walk in and everypony's jaw to hit the floor!

Are crazy? Or just like pain for all (yourself included)?

And they couldn't have just ascribed numbers in the order they came? Or is Celestia pulling one big prank here? Because frankly this is ridiculous. I love it!

This story was awesome. And the addition of Ferrel made it even better! <3 Ferrel

6559330 Silly pony! Stallions can't be alicorns :trollestia: Except the two that are... but they're special!

6559331 Am crazy!

6559347 K&D is all about ridiculousness ;D

6559694 Well thank you!

Hey a Nightmare Moon could show up. Heck My Selene can be used. She'd fit in.


One could have been Alicorn Prince Shining Armor coming from Orthodoxy-questria. When Silent asks how he ascended to alicorn-hood he'd blush, stammer, and waffle. Eventually he'd say, "Silent, you're a friend, but I'm very sure you don't want to know. I'd like to keep this gathering family-friendly. Celestia sends her regards, but it's 'her time of the century' so she's staying home with Twilight until everything passes. I'm just filling in."


Would anyone actually get the reference? Hmmmm... :trixieshiftright: Not that I think Anzel is the type to read that kind of thing.

Yes. All my yes. Take it.

This is gold! PURE GOLD! I love it. :yay:


Well, that was amusing, although I can't help but think this whole mess could have been avoided with a little bit of planning. All they had to do was give the native Celestia and Luna tags that said "host" and add "delegation X" to the tags of the others with the number being the order they arrived in.

Was absolutely expecting Twilight, was totally not expecting Ferrel and her addition was glorious especially Sunny's noble sacrifice.

Is it bad I want a Pirate Princess Celestia side story? Or maybe the real celestia just starts wearing an eye patch to 'try something new'

Exemplar Ferrel as an Alicorn... Somehow I'm both very, very scared of and really, really want to see what her rule might look like. 0.o :rainbowderp: Also, Sunny... be glad you are not lactose intolerant.... though the right type of intolerance might have made for a slightly humourous little while later. :trollestia: The Summit of Equestrias be hilarious, and is Princess Sparklebutt from Canonverse, then? :trixieshiftright:

Silent's line on being lost in a sea of mare... :rainbowlaugh: Now eagerly awaiting the next installment and that laughs it will bring. :pinkiehappy:

-Starlight Dancer-

Ohohohhohooo... trainz... :pinkiecrazy:

Piratelestia? That calls for even more 'oh-hoho'es...

Who in the right mind likes white chesse? It's too dry to even get throught the throat! Now I can without dubt say Ferrel isn't your evryday pony. More like a... superpony...

The court of the day-night cykle of that corner of multiverse is assembled! I have the feeling that my fave would be Equestria 7½. XD

Actually it bites me a bit that there is no Nightmare Moon & Nightmare Star duo. Or there is one - camuflated...

Mother Mare...that character sounds familiar...I mean of course she resembles Lauren's "Fausticorn" but the name "Mother Mare" sounds familiar in a different sense...


Holy crap I've actually read that one. I've been here way too long.

Why is this story absent from your "Stories" folder?


Because not published

And.... I get what Schachza is referencing

Look, just go read Mem—”

Should I call a guy to get your forth wall fixed? Or has Sunny got that coved?

My head shook at her but I cracked a slight smile. She was wholly kidding.

This is only SK's perspective and it's not canon to QnB, so... we don't know that!

I guess it'd be much more funny, if I had read the comics. Still, it's silly and nice :P

“Yes, ma’am!” Sunny Day replied. “Just my horn and Silent Knight’s back.”

:facehoof: :trollestia: :rainbowlaugh:

6576384 ^_^

6564036 I don't get it >_<

6563914 As mentioned, this one isn't published (yet). As it is a side/niche story I didn't want to subject the entire community to it. Ultimately I'll publish it once it is 100% done and risk all of the downvotes from folks that "don't get it."

6563002 No idea >_<

6562677 Fausticorn indeed :D I know not what you reference!

6562570 I'm not sure how well a Nightmare Moon would be received! These are good princesses ;D

6561956 In this case the Princess Twilights aren't actually from the main canon. Mother Mare and Celestia are representing that one. We'll learn a little more about the Twilights (At least one of them) on Friday.

6560782 I think a Pirate Celestia story would be fun :D

6560732 That wouldn't have been as entertaining though ;)

6560011 I have no idea what you're talking about but I'm going to assume it is from an M rated story!

6579821 Aw, don't pretend to lack imagination. A good [yet still pretty grumpy] versions of Nightmare Moon and Celestia's dark side would be very fun to write. And holy shiet there's a ton of cool situations they could do at the submit!


It is. There's only one way to make new alicorns in that universe but it's kinda'-but-not-really the normal method. Foals definitely don't learn about it until they're older. Shining becoming one is a joke in and of itself.

Colonel! I was a colonel in her universe? What the hay! Now I was jealous of myself. That Silent Knight was years ahead of me… the jerk.

Rofl poor Silent Knight

Okay, it has to be said:


I can only imagine an alicorn Crystal Wishes bumping into him. You know what, talk to Crystal about tha, I'm sure she would find that amusing.

Colonel Knight... kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? :P Good job Knighty! :pinkiehappy:

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