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Q&B Final Update · 5:03pm Jan 12th, 2022

Happy New Year 2022 everypony.

I wanted to put together a blog post to update everyone on our status and share a bit of information. With the recent release of the Trials of a Royal Guard physical book Crystal and I are marking that as the close of our time as MLP fanfiction writers. That is probably not a shock as we've been inactive for years now. It has been a pleasure writing for you and getting to know so many great people. It is time that will be cherished.

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Trials of a Royal Guard Physical Print · 7:41pm Oct 29th, 2021

Hello everyone!

It has been quite some time since anyone has heard from Crystal and me. I wanted to briefly interrupt the silence let those fans left know that they will soon be able to complete their 'Royal Guard Trilogy' physical collection.

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Secrets Hardcovers Wave 2 Update · 12:03pm May 30th, 2019

Hi all!

We have the hard covers here at the house. Due to some unexpected work travel I haven't had the chance to get to them. Crystal and I are going to clear some time out tonight to get them signed and packaged. I hope to actually have them out the door tomorrow or Monday.

Thank you for your patience!

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Cleaning out the game room: Free/PWYW Items · 4:07pm Apr 7th, 2019

Pony pals

I am cleaning up my game room and that is producing a lot of items that we simply don't play. Old, new, never opened, etc. The point is, they need to go and I'm not looking to recoup much money on this.

The Rules

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Secrets Hardcover Update · 9:46pm Mar 20th, 2019

Pony friends

I am pleased to say that books are being signed and sent out. These encompass the first order specifically. Some are already in hoof while others are being worked on. A large bulk of them will go out tomorrow.

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Secret's Hardcover Update / 2nd Run · 6:42pm Mar 9th, 2019

Hello all!

Everyone that participated in the first print run of Secrets of a Royal Guard I am pleased to announce all books have been ordered, the printing has started, and then they'll be shipped to Crystal and I. Once that is complete we'll sign them, pack them, and ship them out to you. No estimated date yet but I anticipate it falling around the end of March.

Second Chance

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Secrets of a Royal Guard Hardcover Now Available! · 6:03pm Feb 16th, 2019

Hello pony friends!

The long promised Secrets of a Royal Guard Hardcover is now available. Please note you have two options by which to get it. One is limited, the other is at your own pace.

Personalized Hardcover(s)

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Q&B 2019 Update plus Patreon Changes · 2:58pm Feb 3rd, 2019

Hello Q&B and pony fans

January has come and gone in this new year and I feel that I'm already off to a better start when it comes to writing than I was in 2018. That, my friends, is going to be the 'theme' of this year: writing. Shocking when it comes to a fan fiction site, I know.

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Secrets of a Royal Guard Again · 10:37pm Jan 21st, 2019

Hello everyone, I hope you've been well!

It has been a while since I've done a real blog post but I'm excited about this one. As you may be aware, I've been working on Secrets of a Royal Guard for about a year. The goal was to polish up the prose, include things I forgot to include, and clean up the confusing bits. That work is now complete. Add in a really thorough edit from Crystal and some help from some friends and now we've got a super tight story!

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BronyCon 2018 Wrap Up · 4:38pm Jul 30th, 2018

Today it is my hope that everyone is arriving home safe and sound with fond memories of BronyCon 2018 behind them. This year was a bit of a challenge for me as I wasn't 100% physically well but I did have an excellent time. It was an opportunity to see a very large group of sweet people and hang out with them.

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