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"The purpose of the first draft is not to get it right but to get it written." -John Dufresne. Please send corrections via PMs. The Blade of Quill & Blade

Please note I am no longer actively writing.

Welcome! As you may have guessed I'm Anzel. By day I'm elbow deep in spreadsheets, code, and similar things but at night I transform into a MLP Fan Fiction author. That is my creative outlet and I'm really enjoying it.

My stories typically focus on original characters and royal guards. If you're into those things I might be the author for you!

Quill & Blade is the culmination of all the time, effort, and writing between Crystal Wishes and myself. We're a writing pair! All of our different stories share the same Alternate Universe canon and main plot.

Silent Knight

One of the best at being a guard when it comes to standing still, staying alert, not speaking unless spoken to, and never letting anypony shake his cool. His father trained him to be a guard and a soldier from a very young age, so Silent takes his work very seriously. He isn't the social butterfly of any group and generally doesn't talk very much, but he makes up for it with fierce devotion and loyalty to his princess, his family, and his friends.

Stars In: Memoirs of a Royal Guard, Secrets of a Royal Guard, and Trials of a Royal Guard


Azurite makes up for what she lacks in size with personality—LOTS of personality. She is quirky, cute, spunky, and adorable all in one little blue package. Her closest confidant is Mr. Clockerson, the clock who lives on the wall of her office and always tries to guide her in the right direction.

Stars In: Three of Hearts and Three of Diamonds

Sunny Day

Stars In: Sunny's Days