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About Me

Heyza everypony.

I'm Christian Kartono Risager, but my friends call me Cultono.
Gamer, blogger and MLP: FiM fan.

Favorit Mane6: Rainbow Dash, Element of Loyalty.
Favorit Character: (The Great and Powerful) Trixie Lulamoon.
Favorit Filly: Scootaloo.
Favorit Villan: Queen Chrysalis.
Favorit Pairing: Big McIntosh + Zecora. [ x ]


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41. · 11:12am March 7th


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Thank you for yet another fav!

Thanks a bunch for the fav!

Thanks for the follow!

Thanks for the favorite

I'm glad you enjoyed The Mating Habits of Equus Pegasus!

If you enjoy changeling stories, you may want to check out my other work, especially A Convenient Arrangement. And do keep an eye out for one of my fics scheduled for release in early December.

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