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Hearth's Warming has come early — From Dream Pop, with love!

Crystal and Silent had several plans for spending Hearts and Hooves Day together:
1. Give, receive, and eat lots of chocolate
2. Find ways to keep the foals entertained and quiet
3. Enjoy a romantic home cooked meal on colorful placemats
4. Laugh at how the dining table was covered in crayons, toys, and applesauce
5. Find Dream Pop in the living room with an invitation to join her for Hearth's Warming


Wait, no, that last one was definitely not on the original list—and yet that was the only one that did happen.

Written by myself and Crystal. This story is set within the Quill & Blade Universe and takes place after the events of Trials of a Royal Guard.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 47 )
Majin Syeekoh

Far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth.

This was a lovely read.:twilightsmile:

Perfect story for the occasion! Hope you guys are having a great Christmas.

This is so wonderful! I earnestly had no idea that Silent and Crystal would have a son after Coral Knight...what's more is that he's named after Silent's grandfather! Yay!

I must also greatly compliment on how you used a third-person perspective instead of your iconic first-person perspective in your previous stories.

Ah, I observed you've switched back to first-person. Interesting!

I also really adore how Dream Pop has such a huge, wonderful and interesting family. Gives a lot of background to her too.

Looks like you switched perspectives again! Yay!

I also really like how you had indirectly referenced Little Strongheart and how she became a of mother of twins. And since we're talking foals, what kind of cravings do you suppose Crystal had when she was pregnant with Coral and Clement?

Also, about that PM I recently sent you? Could you possibly disregard it? Because I feel like I shouldn't have bothered sending it in the first place, like I made some kind of mistake. Thank you.

A great heartfelt story. Such a good ending! Again hope you guys are having a merry Christmas.

Ohhhhh I get it... Crystal’s perspective, its in 3rd person, like in Crystal’s Wishes. From Silent’s perspective, it’s 1st person, like in Memoirs, Secrets and Trials.

"My name is Toast, like the celebration!" He gestured a hoof at his flank, which featured a popped champagne bottle. "I'm a celebration! "

Welp. I thought it was Toast like the bread too.

A wonderful story with a beautiful message. Merry Christmas!

Bravo! Bravissimo! That was a most wonderful story both you and your wife have written! I really liked and enjoyed it!

I must also compliment how Silent now considers Dream Pop a sister in his life too. Furthermore, Dream Pop's family in a way reminds me of Pinkie Pie's family since both are large in size and love each other very much. I also really like how Silent and Crystal are willing to let their children follow their own path when they grow up, shows a great contrast about their parents parental methods. Was that alright?

And even though my son seemed like he was lazy, in reality he was just content. He didn't stress out about anything and I could respect that.

Silent, your son is at best, two years old. That seems a bit young to characterize the poor colt as 'not exactly lazy'. And your three-year-old daughter is far too young to be 'dedicated and diligent to the guard life'.

Lord mercy, have you met parents?

"this is my precious two year old daughter. she loves ballet and wants to grow up to be a ballerina. also she loves horses and if she has her way we are going to have seven of them, ha ha ha. also come, sit, she just got an easy bake oven and makes a mean chocolate-like substance that resembles a brownie in some alternate universe."

Crystal's right, you know: you should think carefully before making statements like that.

As said perfect timing and what a sweet start too. This truly feels like a Christmas gift, so thank you.
And happy new year to all.

I can't decide who's better; Sunny or Dream Pop. Although given I've only read the main stories, I can't truly give an opinon yet. But either way, as you say, she is priceless.

What a wonderful family!
Seems legit...

Great story! Loved reading it and hope you and Crystal have a Happy Hearths Warming/Christmas.

With a flustered scrunch of her nose, Coral held her head high and proclaimed, "This year, I fought a dragon, I drove an airship, and I stormed a castle."

Slowly, all eyes turned to Crystal with brows raised, questions unspoken but loud and clear.

One eyebrow raised for me too. Thought being "If one of those is true, my gut says their likely all true. Right?

It would be a lie to say she didn't relish in the brief amusement she saw on Dream Pop's sisters' faces.

"You're not supposed to tell three truths."

Pastel's eyes went wide and, without looking away from Crystal or Coral, she closed the book in her lap. "Well, I think the game is gonna have to pause for this."

"Okay, that's Aweome!" Also thank goodness we get an explanation and that's not a 100% tease, non-reveal. Another spectacular chapter!

Well said.

After all, that's what Hearth's Warming is really about: not the day it happens or the gifts that are exchanged, but the ponies you spend it with.

What a message. What a story.

Merry Christmas and happy new year! And once more thanks for the gift.

8629497 I imagine Silent is going to insist that all his kids learn basic mental discipline to stay focused in a crisis and self defense. The changeling invasion proved beyond a shadow of a doubt there are times when nopony can afford to be a helpless bystander. Come to think of it Crystal's experience during that would probably make her more insistent than he is that her foals be able to take care of themselves. However other than that they'll stay hoofs off and encouraging when it comes to whatever skills and interests they want to pursue.

This is sounding like my family get togethers...

This was nice. A good topper for the end of Christmas Day.

Ya, Dream Pop is the Pinkie Pie of the Silent Saga.

Such a lovely story. Thanks so much for a Wonderful Christmas gift!:twilightsmile:

The kids are fun. And man, Crystal keeps popping them out.

Yeah, go with the crazy earth pony. It'll probably be fine.

Coral is right, Appaloosa is demonstratably easy to attack. And we all know that their defensive weaponry is questionable at best.

All these graduation pictures where it's Dream Pop plus a sibling; she is must have really been annoying to all of them while growing up. The way I'm reading it at least, nobody gets to have a special day without Dream Pop participating too. I suppose it depends on how much you love your little sister versus how much she annoys you.


Crystal and Silent's kids are adorable. I love Coral Knight

As far as I'm concerned Coral wins. Poor Spike, though.

I suddenly had horrible visions of tragic events when Coral ran off to stop the train, but you guys wouldn't do that to us.

Fun story, with a good message.

You’ve done it again, Anzel!

You and Crystal have crafted such a wonderful universe and it has been an absolute pleasure to read each and every story. I can’t help but feel empty after reading them all. I look forward to wherever you go with it next. :twilightsmile:

Omgosh I missed this because I wasn’t keeping up with my notifications! XD

Heh heh, so true. At least she's usually a glowing constant of happy :derpytongue2:

Wow, I didn't even know this story existed until this morning, and it was because it was featured on "Trumpet!"

A delightful story, and it's so good to see this family expanding further! As much love as Crystal and Silent have for each other, I doubt they'll stop at just three!

Thank you for reading =D Also, what is Trumpet? :D

Somehow I missed this story being published? Oh well, at least I got to read it all in one go. :D Cute story. Great to read about the growing family.

Trumpet, the story your wife wrote about the cheese? I saw the story when it popped up, and I discovered this story under the "Also Liked" list.

so late but For Shame! I mean, Crystal writes a styory about the dangers of canned cheese and you're not in the loop... that's a big security breach... (I'm kidding, but Trumpet is a nice little story that I will gladly qualify with 6/5 stars andrecommend twice.-..)

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