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Mitch H

“What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass.” ― William Lamb Melbourne

Discord Server, 'The Company'

My Discord server, for folks who want to look in on my process and this and that. Try to keep things SFW.

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Creative Organization, With Coffee and White Zinfadel · 4:22am December 4th

Rarity always said that organization was the heart of creativity. 

Of course, she usually said this after six carafes of white zinfadel and twelve cups of high-octane coffee. Most of what she said in this mindset could be discounted or ignored. The buzzing that came from her addled lips were more of a carrier wave than a signal by the time she got to that altered state.

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No worries, I understand. I still may give it a look over and maybe when I catch up to it I might be able to offer some suggestions.


I should, but there was a reason I turned from it to work on the Gilda story. Kind of ran into a narrative wall w/ the advance on that Qohorik clan stronghold, and I've been out of the writing mindset for the last several months. Tried to work on a Worm/Rarity thing, and turned out I'd gotten the timelines all burked.

Sorry about being unproductive folks. I'll shake it off, I hope. Meanwhile, I'm devouring every wormfic I can find. Snuggles the Symbiote tonight...

I just discovered your those who ride story, and while I haven't started riding it, I love the idea of it. By any chance are you still working on it?

You write as I wish I could have wrote.

Just saying.

  • Viewing 25 - 29 of 29
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