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It's a hard life when you're a runty little sprig of a unicorn in the Ponish Middle Ages. Nopony's had a bath since last summer, there's pests in the thatch, and the landscape is overrun with sirens, draconequui, and worse. No, it's no picnic being Stygian.

But he has prospects! And he has lines on all sorts of legendary heroes who could do great things for his ponies, and all the ponies of the scattered and disunited principalities of Equestria! And Stygian might even meet his hero, Star Swirl the Bearded!

If the heroes weren't all such jerks...

Even somepony as sketchy as the terrifying, legendary Pony of Shadows was once an optimistic, idealistic young stallion who thought he could help make his world better. Until he made the mistake of meeting his heroes...

Poor, poor Stygian. Don't you just want to take him home and give him some cocoa?

This group is for stories about Stygian, the Pony of Shadows, and how he tried to make his world a better place.

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I wanted to join this group for a mere little time to ask you guys this question:

Does anyone happen to like Stygian for just being himself, and not just being the Pony of Shadows? As well as a redeemed character?

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