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Have you found yourself too socially awkward to share any of your brony fanfiction ideas, anecdotes, or jokes? Or have you just struggled to find a platform to share them? Fear no more! Here, you can spread your ideas about to express your thoughts, whether it be through forum or comment!


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I have some shipping fic ideas, like Rarity X Steven Magnet(rarinet), Terramar x Smolder(Smoldermar), Ocellus x Bramble(bramblecellus), Trouble Shoes x Gilda(gildashoes), rarithorn(Rarity X Blackthorn.

crossover ships Rafiki x Zecora

mlp g1 ship ideas Sting x Morning Glory, Teddy X Sweetheart(teddyheart), Catrina x Rep, Captain Crabnasty x Posey

I have ideas for a Ben 10 crossover. I have them posted on my blog.

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i was wondering if i should clarify why my grammar's horrible.

It's because, if I spoke this way, I would sound very boring, monotonous, and not me. It's not very expressive, on my side, and just being silly and crazy seems like a better option.

was thinkin' of an idea about this funky guy running a limeade stand so i messaged a comedy writer and i got a finished product.


read itttt

oiiiiii ladds

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