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This group is meant to be a treasury of tales that illustrate characters supporting others in an often overlooked way. Although stories about teaching someone a needed lesson, giving them the criticism they need to become better, or just setting someone straight on something they need to be set straight on are all fine and dandy, and they certainly can be good stories that have their place.

This group however, is just for stories where characters help one another by doing things like: encouraging, offering to help with tasks - even without being asking, wholeheartedly spending time with someone to make them feel better when they are sad, listening patiently to someone with a problem, or cheering them up without belittling their sadness.

This group is especially for stories that illustrate the best of understanding and compassion between individuals in the most sensitive and considerate ways possible. When someone goes the extra mile just to be there for someone in the way they need it most... that's the kind of stories that belong in this group.

Note: No Mature, clop, fetish, diaper fics, gore, foalcon, incest, selfcest, or profanity tagged fics. Naturally, please only submit stories in line with the group's focus and as an individual only submit up to 2 or 3 stories a day.

Below is a clip from Inside Out in which Sadness exemplifies just one way in which one character can really support another.

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Happy to have you here. :twilightsmile:

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