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This group is for readers to put a story in that they think is a good story that people should read.

It's also a group for new writers to get their story out so people will notice it. 

This is NOT a group to attack someone else's story. 

Even if the story is doing badly on the ratings, if you like the story and want people to read it, you can put it in this group. 

This group is also so you can ask for feedback on what your readers think of your story.

Oh and one more thing, please follow site rules and no mean or rude comments or posts. Please and Thank You!

Explanation of Folders:

If you are a New Writer and want your story to gain attention please put it in the New Writer Stories folder

If you are recommending a story whether it be a E-rated, T-rated or M-rated please put the story in the Recommended Stories folder

If you are wanting to recommend a story that is doing badly on the ratings and what I mean by this is the story as to have more dislikes than likes. Please that type of story in the Stories doing badly on ratings but still Recommended folder.

If you want your story to get feedback please put the story in the Stories that want Feedback folder.

While it's not against the rules to put stories in the wrong folders I would like to keep the stories in this group as organized as possible. Please and Thank you!

Ps. I will go through the folders and reorganize them if I feel it's needed. If I do that, you will be notified about it only if it's your story that you added to the group.

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