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As of now this account will be deactivated, don't even try to message me, I will not respond! 👋🏿. If I message it’s different

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You're welcome

Thank you for the follow!

Why not? I don't get why you just HAVE to keep bringing it up.
The other people are not justified in hating on you, but not gonna lie, it gets annoying.
For example, I'm visually impaired, but I don't mention it every other line because it doesn't matter to other people.

Do yourself a favour and stop mentioning your cerebral palsy when it's not related to what is being discussed at all. It makes you look bad. Cerebral palsy shouldn't define your character or how you behave online.

But anyway I probably shouldn't keep you. I do really hope you find a great fandom that will get you a great Many friends and ignore those haters they don't know you and they're just a bunch of bullies.:fluttershysad::heart:

This platform is getting more and more people and so many of them just come to hate on authors when they don't even have the guts to post fics themselves, it's so irritating.


Especially because I have cerebral palsy, but my enemies don’t believe me

Naturally I'm not one to say stuff like that, but it makes me angry knowing that there are people on this platform who hate on others like this! It's honestly gut wrenching:fluttershyouch:

Why aren't they minding their own business, than? It would be better than waisting your time with their dislikes.


Some people don’t like me

Why are you getting so many dislikes?:fluttershysad: Heck why are you getting dislikes in the first place:fluttercry:

I'm sorry to see you go. but I hope you have a better time at what ever fandom you go to next. :raritycry:


Do you have Discord if you do please PM me?

Also I can't seem to PM you did you block me by any chance?


Because I'm going to delete my account, because what's the point in staying here if people don't like you

I see you removed your stories.... unfortunate it came to that but given the dislike spam I saw on them I really cannot say I blame you in the slightest for just getting fed up with that and pulling the plug. Like you I have a disability and write on here to try and help others understand what it's like to be me and just get them to listen, and like you I experienced similar spamming of dislikes on my stories which did not do wonders for my self-esteem or mental health and killed all motivation to continue writing anywhere or anything. I haven't removed mine, but recently just nixed ability to rate at all on all of them because of it since i'm fed up with giving a voice and power over my story to people who are likely too immature to deserve it and in many cases probably didn't even read it. So just know you aren't alone there and likely aren't at fault for the reception of your stories... it seems like more of a site-wide attitude issue from a bunch of hypocrites who clearly have no right to call themselves true fans since they don't follow any of the friendship lessons the show teaches.

  • Viewing 1,461 - 1,480 of 1,480
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