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My name is Artist, I would like to improve my writing and if I don’t understand something that was said I will ask you to repeat it.


Vinyl couldn’t come up with the right song, she needed to come up with a song for her platinum record that she was going to sell at the music store where she worked.

But there was one problem, Vinyl had lost inspiration for writing.

The DJ and her friend were sitting on a park bench trying to come up with a song, when they heard a nice melody coming from across the street.

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This is the story about how I went into a group home for a weekend, and the nurses locked us in at night.

Trigger warning: Violence and mention of being locked up at night.

Edited by Appleafii

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This story is a sequel to The Victorian way of life

On a dark and stormy night, two young ponies listening to their grandmother tell them of a legend that had scared the white tail woods for millennia, their grandma’s story prompts them to go exploring the next day after school but what they find is not what they were expecting to find.

This is the sort of sequel to my story the Victorian way of life, this story will explore Noah’s backstory and how he came into the Whitetail woods.

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Hi, my name is Pastel Palette and I have a disability called cerebral palsy, I struggle a lot with fitting in.

This story is how I moved from school to school looking for the right one.

This actually happened in my life because I too have this condition, it has impacted my life in many ways

Co writer and editor Leeroy

Just to clarify any confusion this story is set many many years before the Equestria girls movies.

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In the village of the white tail woods, there lived a family that had a young pony with a disability, that family kept servants mainly house servants and one nursemaid for the child, that child couldn’t speak.

The grand father and son hated each other, for some reason unknown.

Chapter 2 is co-written by BlueEM2

Rated teen for a pony with a knife.

This story takes place in an alternate universe where equestria is experiencing the Victorian way of life.

From now on this will be a comment driven story where you as the reader can decide in the comments what is to happen next.

I hope to get more ideas for this story soon

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