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Hi, my name is Artist, I have cerebral palsy, I can’t walk property, I’m a girl, I love to write and sometimes I don’t understand what’s going on.


The friendship assisted living facilities were established by Twilight Sparkle in 2002 because there were not enough facilities for helping ponies with disabilities, usually ponies with disabilities were locked away in big prison like houses.

But Twilight and her friends felt it would be better if disabled ponies were able to be free.

Pinkie liked the idea so much that she volunteered for a job.

Co-written by https://www.fimfiction.net/user/349484/Valtyrian

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After Equestria is plunged into a waste land, after a deadly disease claims the lives of dozens of ponies Twilight Sparkle needs to find a cure, hopefully she will succeed, there is no pony left in Ponyville, so Twilight travels to far away lands to find survivors.

Co-written with https://www.fimfiction.net/user/355554/SunlightRays

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This story is a sequel to I went to school

In a small town outside of Canterlot city on a stormy night in a small wooden house a boy was born, that boy was me, Midnight, my life was living hell until I got adopted and went to school.

This story is written from the point of view of Midnight.

I recommend that you read the prequel first before you read the story.

Editing by Boeing-787
Cover art by me.

I had to disable ratings because I just want comments, but no rude comments.

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This story is a sequel to I went to school

Usually pastel stayed in a group home but because of the coronavirus, the group home had forbade visitors to visit the residence so Pastel and her mother decided, that it would be best if Pastel moved in with her mom for the time being.

Pastel has cerebral palsy which is a condition that occurs shortly after birth or during birth, for Pastel that meant that she couldn’t speak or feed her self or walk.

This is the story of how Pastel spend Easter with her mother, and her mother’s boyfriend

This is just something I wrote for the fun of it, I wrote it because I was bored.

There’ll be a little bit of violence, but not much.

I would appreciate it if you read the prequel first.

Cover image made by My very good friend

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Vinyl couldn’t come up with the right song, she needed to come up with a song for her platinum record that she was going to sell at the music store where she worked.

But there was one problem, Vinyl had lost inspiration for writing.

The DJ and her friend were sitting on a park bench trying to come up with a song, when they heard a nice melody coming from across the street.

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Hi, my name is Pastel Palette and I have a disability called cerebral palsy, I struggle a lot with fitting in.

This story is how I moved from school to school looking for the right one.

This actually happened in my life because I too have this condition, it has impacted my life in many ways

Co writer and editor Leeroy

Just to clarify any confusion this story is set many many years before the Equestria girls movies.

For those of you who do not know what Cerebral palsy is instead of explaining it I’m just going to leave this snippet of detail from Wikipedia here.

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood. Signs and symptoms vary among people and over time. Often, symptoms include poor coordination, stiff muscles, weak muscles, and tremors. There may be problems with sensation, vision, hearing, swallowing, and speaking.
Wikipedia link

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In the village of the white tail woods, there lived a family that had a young pony with a disability, that family kept servants mainly house servants and one nursemaid for the child, that child couldn’t speak.

The grand father and son hated each other, for some reason unknown.

Chapter 2 is co-written by BlueEM2

Rated teen for a pony with a knife.

This story takes place in an alternate universe where equestria is experiencing the Victorian way of life.

From now on this will be a comment driven story where you as the reader can decide in the comments what is to happen next.

I hope to get more ideas for this story soon.

Cover art made by https://www.fimfiction.net/user/343139/ZettaiDullahan

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