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Born with Cerebral Palsy, female, writer and artist, I can do abstract art and I can do backgrounds, I can write any type of story, but my best stories are about disabilities.


I’ve officially changed my views on M rated content · 10:30am 8 hours ago

I’ve officially decided to change my views on mature content involving ponies, I’m actually trying to write my first official M rated story, I tried that once before but I got a lot of hate for it so now I’m trying it again.

Please don’t hate me.

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Update about Child Of Wonder · 8:04pm February 13th

This is just a quick update about Child Of Wander, the next chapter is on the way, this one will be a little longer than the last one.

I’m not going to say anymore, because that would be giving it away, and I don’t want to do that.

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There will be no new chapter of child Of Wonder for a while. · 4:18pm February 10th

I’m sorry to say that there will be no new chapter of Child Of Wonder for a while, I’ve run out of ideas for that story, so I’m going to work on a few others first and then when I get ideas for the next chapter, I will write it up and post it.

But for right now there will be no new chapter, I hope you understand.

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Thank you for the 27 likes on my story · 7:21pm February 9th

Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you for the 27 likes on my recent story, Bullying Is Not Cool, I really appreciate all the support.

And to all those people who disliked, if you have nothing better to do then sit on your asses and spam dislike something just because you don’t fucking agree with it I suggest you grow up and get a life.

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New story posted. · 2:16pm February 8th

I posted a new story a few moments ago that deals with the consequences of bullying.

Please read it and tell me what you think but please be polite.

TOnline Bullying Is Not Cool
My name is Little Snow andI’m being bullied online because of my disability with ponies saying that I’m not actually disabled and that I’m just faking it, I keep telling them I am not, but they don’t listen to me, one day it gets so bad that.
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I just finished and published the next chapter of Child of Wonder. · 9:09pm February 7th

I just finished and published the next chapter of Child Of Wonder, in which Stevie comes back to Ponyville, but confesses that he is ashamed and that is why he left, and Chance and Melody do an obstacle course at school together?

EChild Of Wonder
It’s almost been 20 years since Applejack and Stevie got married, and now they are blessed with a beautiful daughter named Melody.
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Please no constructive criticism. I can’t handle constructive criticism very well, but you can always leave me positive comments about things that you liked about the story.

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I have a YouTube channel · 7:55pm February 6th

I have a YouTube channel. If you’d like to subscribe, there aren’t any videos on it just yet, but I will make some and post them. This channel is all about My Little Pony.

My YouTube channel

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The Art Gallery Group. · 3:50pm February 6th


I’m gonna focus on my groups. · 2:03pm February 6th

I’ve decided I’m leaving every single group that I’m in and I’m just going to focus on my groups.

I’m not going to embed them because it’s too hard to do it, you need to manually do it and it’s too fucking difficult for me to fucking figure out, so I’m going to leave a link to the group with a description about what the group is about, please join.

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I’m sick so there will be no new stories for a few days · 8:04pm February 3rd

I’m sick so there will be no updates or new stories for a few days.

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