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Born with Cerebral Palsy, female, writer and artist, I can do abstract art and I can do backgrounds, I can write any type of story, but my best stories are about disabilities.


Three years have passed since Twilight Sparkle became the official ruler of Equestria.

But now Twilight and her friends go on an adventure to visit the Crystal Empire. Sombra has returned to the Crystal Empire, will Twilight defeat him, or will her and her friends fail?

The cover art is made by me.

This is an alternate universe story, if you don’t like it, I suggest you stay away!!!!

The story was featured, thank you so much.

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Flash used his magic to open one of the big blue double doors.

Flash is a pegasus you know, he doesn't have magic. Also, Flash Sentry was last seen as one of Cadence's guards and who is he to tell Twilight that she can't take vacation? He is a lowly guard pony with zero power over anypony.

Also, Dash is not in a relationship with Soarin' so you might want to throw the AU tag on this. I'm not sure if it is officially canon or not but in "The Last Problem" it seemed as though Dash and AJ were an item.

Also, what happened to Shining Armor? Shouldn't he be ruling up there in the Crystal Empire too?

Yes, thank you I forgot that.

I will maybe change it or maybe I will just leave it the way it is.


Well it is your story so you do what you want. I write AUs rather frequently, stories with non-canon geography which is likely much more noticeable than the non-canon things you have.

Yeah, I write a lot of non-canon stories.

That’s the reason most times the alternate universe tag is there.


Also, what happened to Shining Armor? Shouldn't he be ruling up there in the Crystal Empire too?

That will be revealed, once Twilight and her friends come to the crystal empire in the next chapter.


Twilight Goes On Vacation


Twilight and her friends go on vacation

:ajbemused::pinkiegasp::raritydespair::rainbowhuh: Excuse meh? Where's my name?
:fluttershysad:oh, uhm, I don't mind, Twilight can have the title

Just kidding, the story is nice so far.

I think you should get an editor. The grammar and spelling mistakes detract from the story.

Yeah, I know but I keep them in because I’m too lazy to go back and edit them out.

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