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I got into the fandom earlier in the year and have always been a lover and writer of fanfiction

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Character Ages · 2:49pm September 27th

Hey everyone. A friend of mine who recently read the first chapter of my latest story, asked me what the ages of all my characters are. So here it is.

Flash Sentry: 21

Twilight Sparkle: 19

Applejack: 21

Rainbow Dash: 19

Rarity: 20

Fluttershy: 20

Pinkie Pie: 19

Spike: 10

CMC: 12

Grand Hoof: 68

Soarin 22

Shining Armour: 25

Cadance: 25

Big Mac: 24

Iron Core: 23

Lightning Blitz: 25

Solid Script: 20

Wild Smile: 21

Gorgenia: 20

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Awesome. I'll be on later. Send me a link via PM when ya can.

2517575 Sure if you want. SuperSonisHeroes was my editor but he didn't have enough time to keep doing it. If you wanna do it then go ahead. PM me.

I have a question Banshee.... can I be an editor for your YuGiOh story? I know it's a bit late into the game but I'm a BIG fan of YuGiOh and I like to help folks whenever and where ever I can

While I can't speak for Banshee, or anyone else, I assume the fans do it to develop his character, to show that he's someone that the reader can like. While the haters... it's their Schadenfreude.

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