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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.

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MLP Star Wars · 9:45am Nov 23rd, 2022

Hey everybody. So, wanted to ask a question for many of my readers.

My sister's been getting me to watch a bunch of Star Wars shows like the Clone Wars, Rebels and the Bad Batch. Good shows, I'll admit. Anyway, she also asked if I had any intention of one day doing an MLP Star Wars story. I wanna know if that's something you guys would enjoy.

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Can you please do the episodes sparkle seven, common ground, between dusk and dawn, and the summer sun setback please.

Comment posted by BelleMoon deleted March 13th

Merry Christmas ^^

Hey Banshee I just git an idea you the EQG each of the Mane 7 have jobs well I was thinking if Flash and the rest of the royal knights have jobs as karate lessons at a Youth Center like in power rangers with with Jason and Tommy. They'll have Flash Heather, Frist, Lightning, and Iron teaching karate. What do you think.

3219271 I know. She asked be if she could do them.

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