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I enjoy writing. Is there much else to say? Nothing you'd be interested in I'm sure.

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One Chapter to Go · 12:56am April 13th

Posted the penultimate chapter to Force of Wills and hopefully I'll be able to post the grand finale in better time. I've got it planned to the letter and just hope i can stick the landing. Stay tuned.

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Hopefully. ^^

I will admit, it's not the most original... but there is a point to it, I can assure you. :scootangel:

And assuming I can keep up the flow... I should have another new Star Wars story comin'. :raritywink:

You deserve a smile, awesome possum!

Trying to spread more kindness around this site. Always here to bring the cheer. 😇💖

You're my friend-a-doodle now. Have a cookie! 🍪:rainbowkiss:

You ever need anything, I'm always around. 😌

No problem. Can't wait to read this one. Your other stories have been so good and I know this one will be as well.

Eeee! Thank you for the fav! :twilightsmile:

Thanks. Really appreciate that.

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