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Burner Man

Wanna know what happens after a controversy fades away? Absolutely nothing, because it's gone.


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    Oh hey there, thanks for the follow!

    Thanks for watching!

    Thanks for the follow!:twilightsmile:

    Hiya, thanks for the fave :twilightsmile:

    :pinkiegasp: - OHMIGOSH Twilight! You have a new flower! Florist! Flower delivery pony! FOLLOWER!

    :twilightsmile: - Follower, yes. Hello, Burner Man! Thank you for following me! I haven't been around much lately, having a ton of life to focus upon, but I really appreciate your liking me enough to... eventually do stuff!

    :pinkiesmile: - So are you back to writing and doing art now? I mean, it's been months. We're all VERY curious.

    :twilightblush: - I am still working hard at my job and my mum is feeling better, so hopefully I'll be back to being a creative part of FIMFiction soon. Soon!

    :pinkiehappy: - I could fill in for you, yannow? Like, finish a few chapters, do some Deviantart work... I'm more than willing to help!

    :facehoof: - You're gonna push that naked musical you've been working on about the Breezies and Timber Wolves, right?

    :pinkiecrazy: - ...no?

    :twilightsheepish: - Thank you for the follow, Burner. I appreciate your interest, and will be returning to my usual creative routine soon. Cheers!

    :pinkiesad2: - Always a channel owner bridesmaid... SIGH! One day. One day.

    • Viewing 132 - 136 of 136
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