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Excuses, dood. · 11:29pm Aug 14th, 2017

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That's fine. I was just hoping to read something by you.

I have been writing, I'm just ashamed to say it wasn't anything pony-related, dood.

I was wondering if you were going to continue your writing. Most of the stories are on hiatus or incomplete.

any plans on updating house sparkle?

Heeey Fusion, any chance Twilight's misadventures will get their happy ending? I know it's been a while, but you created a ridiculously fun to read porny adventure and it would suck to see it die.

  • Viewing 199 - 203 of 203
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New Chapters on the way, dood!

Updated when I get to it, dood.
(Wow I suck at updating this, dood)

Twilight's Misadventures and Apologies to the Readers
Marezon Chapter

Double Trouble Chapter 12.4k words

House Sparkle

Fusion Fool's Trash Bin of Futalight Cockle
- 1k words

Futa-Light Bookshelf