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This story is a sequel to Zecora's Big Surprise

Written with Pencils Writer's permission

Coverart from here

Twilight thought she had gotten all the surprises she could in life after she had gone from being a unicorn into an Alicorn, then finding out about a world where all those she knew in this world had human doubles.

She was wrong.

Zecora makes a sudden visit late one night after the Plumber Plants have been dealt with. What she has to tell Twilight shocks the Alicorn to the bone. Zecora is pregnant, and Twilight is the father.

However, Twilight isn't the only one of her friends now facing sudden parenthood.

I know i've already written one where Zecora is pregnant with AJ's child, but i couldn't resist this one

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 20 )

interesting, read the previous story and now reading this one, i think i will track for now

I have an epiphany.


Please, oh please ask Zecora to marry you!

oh i amm cackling like a mad man

Well, at least you came up with a semi-believable way to avoid rhyming.

Finally! I was waiting for a sequel or second chapter to that! All of my YES!

Tracking and liking with intensity!

There will be a half-zebra prince. that will make everyone super happy i'm sure.:trollestia:
also i wish to see the first attempt someone makes on this foal. mentally unstable unicorn turned alicorn now has child to protect.:pinkiecrazy: i imagine the first perp will get a lecture on how stupid threatening the child of an alicorn is of such intensity that it will be

You may want to know that in the short description of this story, Zecora's name is spelt wrong.

Two things to say. It is stupendously ridiculous how much I like saying the word 'preggers'!!!!!!! And, how long do I have to wait before the next chapter? It's just gotta develop.

I demand MORE

I didn't read the first one due to cloppiness. However, I absolutely loved this one. I request that you build on this. Please.

Screw Blueblood. I'm pretty sure we know how he is and he could just get the boot for all I care for Zecora to become Royal.

please tell me there will be more to this I am longing for a new chapter

Blueblood, you get... a boot to the head!

I wanna see more chapters please autumn.

Why haven't you written more, when you've got can clamouring for more?

Here's a Zecora rime that might fit into this story: "Twilight Sparkle, do not fret. Tis not the time for regret". I can see her saying that to comfort a panicky Twilight.

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