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I'm alive! · 10:27pm Nov 23rd, 2013

I'm not dead you guys!

Okay, so I've been really stressed recently, but I'm getting back into writing MLP fanfiction. I dug around in my files and stumbled across A New Nightmare, and frick, a spark of inspiration hit me and I had an 'I can DO this!' episode. Yay!

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Will you finish “A New Nightmare”? It seems have a good start and I hope it would have a good ending.

Are you planning to update "An Egghead's guide to pick-up-lines" or is it just like "Of Change and Friendship" on hiatus? If it's on hiatus maybe you could change the status. I read that you're stressed, busy and writing different things so I would completely understand if it's status would change to hiatus of even cancelled.

961637 At some point, yes, but for now it's on indefinite hold.

Oh it's no problem. Every person gets burned out once in a while. I'm happy to wait, and I'll be here when you're ready to continue.:twilightsmile:

629649 Yeah, sorry I've not been on much. I've not been feeling very motivated to write much, but to alleviate your concern, I still plan on finishing A New Nightmare, I just haven't been able to get the gears turning yet. I do thank you though,

  • Viewing 53 - 57 of 57
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