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After being thrown into a strange new land, Rarity learns that using the power of a mask stolen from Zecora, Sweetie Belle is going to bring the moon down and crush the land.

Will Rarity be able to save the place before the moon falls? Will she be able to get the mask back and save Sweetie Belle?

(Hooray for badly done cover art!)

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 42 )

Majoras Mask is my favorite Zelda game ever, so a decently written rewrite is always welcomed.

After reading I can see that this is going to be a strange story, but it has the potential to be amazing.

This is a good story. I can't wait to see what happens next ( even though I've played the game):raritywink:


The game was good, but I really HATED the 3 day cycle in game.

825101 I'm glad you think so!

To be honest, I'm a bit nervous. I know that doing a crossover like this was going to get me a lot of hate, plus this is one the the first major fanfics I've ever written, so good feedback is always nice. I'll do my best to make it good, though ^^

825557 Well good luck to you.

I do have to wonder though, are there going to be all pony characters or are there going to be Zora/Pony hybrid-type characters to fill those roles?

825744 Well, I was planning on using zebra's as the deku and griffon's as the gorons... I still haven't worked out the zora quite yet. At first I was thinking sea-ponies, but that didn't seem like it would work

825775 Ah i see, okay that works for what it is, and i think you will ave to use Sea-ponies for the Zoras, which is fine indeed, i do like the choice for Deku and Gorons though.

This is a story that might have to have some darker sides, because Majoras Mask is not a happy game, and the happy-go-lucky sea-ponies are gonna be a real downer to that, but thats just my opinion.

826017 Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. The sea-ponies just seemed too happy. I was just thinking of maybe using pegasi, maybe in this world they live by oceans instead of clouds :rainbowlaugh:

826033 That's probably the best bet for them, although that's far into the story so no real need to worry about that now.

I know! It made it hard to get anything done!


That cycle made me wish I could enter the game with at least 5 nukes and nukes every temple!

Rarity was bewildered. “You mean… she’s possessed? Bye that dreadful mask?"

Just a small error I noticed.:twilightblush:

Otherwise I liked the rhyming that Zecora did, its always hard to write good rhymes, but with the slightest stretch of imagination, the rhymes work as well as they need to.

829554 Whoops, fixed :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for pointing it out :)

You are holding very close to the actual game, which is good. One of the best things about this story is that it makes me want to play MM again.

Please keep up the good work.

It makes sense for the gorons to become griffons. I wonder what the Swamp will be like.:duck:

Its very good so far, I cant wait long enough for the Ikana Canyon section. :pinkiehappy:

I've been waiting for this, and i gotta say it was a nice chapter. I laughed at the sea-ponies being octoroks.

998068 I'm glad you liked it!

Hopefully the next few chapters will be less rushed and have more adventure, the first three day cycle was so hard to write since in-game I always just used the scarecrow to skip straight to day-three

I was so happy that Princess Luna acted as Zelda. You don't believe how happy I was. Anyway good chapter! Can't wait for more. :twilightsmile:

1000290 You don't know how happy that comment made me :raritywink:

This is great! Can't wait for more!!

'BOUT DAMN TIME:flutterrage:

Just kidding:heart:


Thanks xD

1393271 About your mention of "Rarity having a mental breakdown", here is how it should go....

Put in slight hints to her steady loss of sanity throughout the story, till she reaches a breaking point (Ikana Canyon. Really, where ellse would she freak out more?) in a spectacular fashion. (though this is Rarity, so I use spectacular pretty loosely)

1393330 That's what I've been thinking of doing, I don't think even Link could do this without some sort of mental/emotional damage. But I thought it would be funny to have her react to the sign thing, because that's honestly exactly how i reacted when I did it. (I was near a sign I had broken and wanted to play the song of double time, but had a brain fart and played the song of healing instead)

Needs a wee bit of work.
Overall this story is turning out quite nicely so far.

1436380 Could you be more specific on 'work'? If you think there's anything I can do to improve I'd very much like to know what it is

You should do this with more Zelda games, maybe have all 6 of them in the stories

1454919 Actually, I was thinking about doing a sort of 'saga' thing, with the sequel to this being Ocarina of Time, with Rarity,
Then in Equestria, the whole Twilight Princess story could be going on with Trixie as Link, and the sages could be the mane six, but because of Rarity's absence in the other worlds they need Trixie's help, and then I wanted to do Skyward Sword with Celestia back before she was princess, and Luna as Zelda.

And then I was thinking of doing Wind Waker, simply because that's one of my favorite Zelda games and doing that would be fun.

I was planning on writing all of these after Zecora's Mask, but I wasn't really planning on posting them, I didn't think anyone would like the idea. What do you think? :derpytongue2:


I like the idea, I just would love to see the mane 6 go on these quests together.

1456628 i don't like the idea ... I LOVE IT!!! :raritywink:
pls do it i would love you forever - or something like this ... dunno:derpytongue2:

1457985 Huh, maybe I'll post them after all :pinkiehappy: Once I finish Zecora's Mask, of course

Okay, good chapter, but some things to consider:
1. Please have 2 more chapters inside the temple? I know the first dungeon is short in-game. But that doesn't mean you have to breeze through it in the story.

2. Don't forget that each collected stray fairy restores links energy a bit. That could be important later, I dunno:twilightoops:

3.(Rarity hated herself right now. The one moment she doesn’t hesitate to get filthy, and it ends up poisoning her.) LOOOOOOOOOOOL:rainbowlaugh:


Rarity retreated underneath them, and whirled around the other one electrified itself, and the other got worn off and stopped to approach her.

That sentence was hard to follow. Revise please?:fluttercry:

1458624 To be honest, the temple probably is going to have to be either two more chapters, or one big long chapter because I don't remember where anything is. I remember most of the rooms, but I don't remember what order it all goes in, so I'll just have to make it up as I go, (Even the walkthroughs aren't helping!)

They do? I did not know that, that might be helpful :twilightsmile:

yes, I shall revise it!

Awww she didn't keep the bomb mask:fluttercry:

1525258 She did, and you wont believe how excited I am to make her use it later :trollestia:

For future refrence, I recomend finfding a youtube link to the songs that rarity learns. Just so that those who don't know whats going on can follow.

1525440 I've thought about it; I probably will

I'd like to see her reaction to Stone Tower Temple.
While the Stone Tower Temple has very nice, regal-ish architecture, it gives off a perverted, blasphemous feel, that speaks of conflict with the Hylian Goddesses... What with the four very phallic pillars surrounding a skyward pointing finger, and the design of the blocks with the grim-looking faces, and the Triforce on the bottom covering their bare asses, that is.

And yes, I read the "Stone Tower is Termina's Tower of Babel" theory. I agree with that theory, as well as the theory that a celestial war broke out between the Goddesses and the ancient Ikanans.

3786165 Yeah, I've read a lot of different theories on Stone Tower; so I'm excited to use it here. I haven't really figured out all of the details yet, like if I'm going to somehow incorporate Celestia and Luna or what...

Sounds interesting.
I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

At one point it says "cursed" when it should say "curse"

just sayin'.

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