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After a certain purple filly goes to bed without her dessert, Agent Twilight Sparkle is determined to get back what was stolen from her with the help of her assistant, Agent Spike. Join our heroes as they traverse the dangers of Canterlot Castle to take back what is theirs!

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Comments ( 33 )

this is wonderful! :D i love short stories like this :D please keep them coming :)

Oh my Crom! Fun!:rainbowlaugh: And cute!:raritystarry:

I'm especially appreciative of baby Spike. What little kid hasn't had trouble getting their younger sibling actually understand what to do when playing lets pret... I mean going on a dangerous mission?:eeyup:

Ah, this was a great read. Nice work, it was certainly enjoyable. Hehe, foal Twilight and baby Spike are fun.

Although, I did like the story. It was a nice read.
I just hate it when people do the advertising thing.

Twilight is so cute! I love filly Twily! I remember doing the same thing as a kid, only without the baby dragon and nightwatchmen! I wasn't quite as successful though...

This needs to be featured.

This was hilarious! And the cover picture is just too adorable.

Aw... It so adorable! Filly Twilight + baby Spike = absolute diabetus... Squee! :rainbowkiss:

So. Much. D'aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww! :rainbowkiss:

fic is full of win :rainbowkiss:
but the advertising was full of fail :raritydespair:

1650142 I deleted that advertisement comment, yay!

That was posted on another story of mine not long ago too :/ I hope it doesn't appear every time I post something

1650507 I deleted the advertisement. I shall delete any spam posted on my stuff!

>> LittleAngelStocking
HUZZAH! :yay:

I hope those cookies were worth a whole week of no dessert Twilight. :rainbowlaugh:

Childhood logic is the only logic where one night's worth of cookies is worth risking a whole week's worth of dessert. :rainbowlaugh:

I love how Twilight takes Spike along even though he can barely understand her.

They just create accounts and spam a comment on all of the most recent stuff, usually.

Anyway, cute little story.

Did notice a few typos, as well as some conversation related grammar issues. Can send you a note on those if you'd like.

You have a few typos. And the actual story could use a proper introduction, using the story description for that isn't good, some people ignore that and jump right into the story.


But seriously,this fic was so adorable.Love filly Twilight. :twilightsmile:

Now my face hurts.

To Darn Cute!
Been awhile since I've read just a honest fun story, and I'm glad I found this one.
Excellent job!

Ish so cute! Ish so cute!!

That was adorable and fun... Totally head canon now. Yup.

So CUTE! Filly Twilight is just so adorable, especially when she's acting all tough in an attempt to get cookies!:twilightsheepish:

1652498 But yet it makes it even more fun! Besides, the concept is understandable once when you go a little far enough. It's a really, really simple story, really. The kind I'll read to my kids if I'll ever have any. But, I do agree with the spelling errors. I myself noticed, but all in all... d'awww.... just.... d'awww....

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