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Princess Luna has only just arrived from her thousand year sentence in the moon, and she is new to all forms of technology.

But such a thing as a shower could never best the princess of the Night.... Or could it?

Cover art by JohnJoseco

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Why must the little things be great material for great stories?

Poor Luna, she just can't get modern technology right, be it showers, beds or microwave ovens :derpytongue2:

Random story about random subject?
Inb4 featured.

"we are done showering, Tia"
And that all their is to say on that matter.

A 1300 word story on a random subject?
Success bomb incoming!

1190151 And yet she spends her days playing video games... How does that work?:raritydespair:

hilarious:pinkiehappy: moar please :pinkiehappy:

"bombarded with a spray of water hotter than the holy urine of the great goddess Faust herself"

This killed the potential fun this could have had for me.

Other than that, good job.

1190275 Ask, and ye shall receive.
1190286 Thank you. I ended up reversing the picture so she wasn't just staring out into space. It gives my less, ''kosher'' comments much more impact:trollestia:

1190330 I know this comment wasn't directed at me, but I feel the need to defend myself :derpytongue2:

Normally I don't usually look at Faust or her alicorn as the official equestria goddess, but I thought I'd just stick that in there cause I couldn't think of another deity to substitute, and I really wanted to use that sentence :rainbowlaugh:

1190349 I've just seen it used way too much. It's almost as cliche' as TwiLuna or Twilestia. Don't get me wrong I love both ships, but it's just very common and it tends to draw me out of a story. Like when people use "somebody" instead of "somepony". Same thing goes for hands, only Spike has hands:trollestia:

1190364 Unless I make a parody, or something I don't really plan on ever using Faust as the goddess in any of my fanfics.

Yeah, it does kind of throw me off when people say 'somebody' instead of 'somepony' in a fic, I can let 'someone' go, since we we have both 'somebody' and 'someone', I figure it can't hurt to let that slide once in a while.

I don't think I've ever read a fic where the author accidentally said 'hands' instead of hooves.

Speaking of which, it bothers me when people describe a pony's foreleg as an 'arm', like when a pony wraps one around another for comfort and stuff, it really bothers me when people use 'arm' instead of 'foreleg' :P

Thank you, finally somepony gets it.
I was reading a story from way back where a big chunk of the words were in "txt-talk"...*shudders* iambrony.jsmart.web.id/mlp/gif/50223__rarity_animated.gif?1344080204
It made me want to reach through the screen and hoof-slap the author to the floor.

Haha, that was hilarious.

Priorities. you learn how to work the important stuff first. Showers, food and bed come second:trollestia:

Another pony x's y

This'll get featured for sure.


That was amazing. :pinkiehappy:


Pony x's y.

Pinkie bakes a cake
Pinkie discovers alcohol
Celestia finds chocolate
Rainbow Dash eats meat

These are hypothetical ones.

Real ones are like Luna eat's an Oreo.

Not my cup of tea. Thats all.

Sorry :scootangel:

"hotter than the holy urine of the great goddess Faust herself."

Jesus H Christ...

:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:I must admit that was the cutest fanfic ever!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

this was adorable. but then again, anything with luna is 20% cuter:pinkiehappy:

Poor Luna... *sends in the Wuv Machine so she can get all the hugs*:fluttercry:

:flutterrage: MOAR!!!

1190624 hehehehehe... Dash Eats Meat... :rainbowkiss:

It's because those are all the stupid little ideas that get stuck in the back of a writer's head, until they finally put them on paper. Those stupid little ideas are exactly that - ideas. True inspiration. And their randomness makes them enjoyable to read.

I enjoyed this!

Luna... not just fail. Epic Fail :trollestia:

Oh Luna ;D
This was quite excellent

Lol, i couldn't stop chuclking at the images taht wnet though my head while reading.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

The answer is socks! :twilightsmile:
Cool story brah. You earn yourself some daily dose of pony in socks! fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/118/9/d/rarity_in_socks_by_alexiy777-d4vtv5s.png


author. even mlp doesn't use everypony and somepony all the time. and I've seen many instances in the show where they used somepony when they aren't referring to ponies either! they aren't so anal about it, so it's kinda screaming out to every pedantic fanfic writer on about "correct terminology", to chill the fuck out.

It's a show about fucking talking ponies. you're just being ridiculous if you go over a certain level of seriousness.

other examples

they seldom use hoofs as much as arms or hands (yes hands).

and despite your exp. I've read more on ppl using more of the normal english than ponyfied english to keep their story's integrity intact.

I mean you can't read an epic (pony fanfic or no) when it's riddle with slang terms and bardardised english where it is not appropriate for the tone.

Rather fun story, I liked.

And Then Celestia was like....

But seriously, good read.:twilightblush:

Luna takes a shower? Its not a clop fic??? Sweet

What if Celestia knew that Luna would'nt get how to work a shower? :rainbowderp:

Princess Trollestia strikes again! :trollestia:

She instantly regretted it when the spray sped up, actually causing her to slide back a little, and then was bombarded with a spray of water hotter than the holy urine of the great goddess Faust herself.


Seems to be slightly problematic with the effect of the water temperature considering it is supposed to be burning hot I am highly surprised at how Luna was able to cope with it all the time.

Then there is also the question of how the water did not leak out threw the door considering they are not airtight.

Still an enjoyable read :)

actually there is a story where Rainbow Dash eats meat. so that 1 isn't hypothetical. and i believe it had a bit of time in the featured box as well.

Don't worry Luna. I too lose the battle against my shower sometimes :rainbowwild:


Haven't seen it before. Something that popped in my head when I was writing my post. So it was hypothetical at the time :twilightsmile:

I think near boiling water might be a little bit much for being mostly submerged for a while and coming out with just a sheepish grin, but other than that it was cute. :twilightsmile:

Luna is best princess

I guess some liked it. But this fic isn't for me.

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