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Everyone in Equestria and beyond know that Celestia and Luna guide the Moon and Sun across the sky. But what about the other celestial bodies?

Are the other planets sentient? Do they have special ponies that guide them across the sky? Where did they come from? Does Luna control them? Twilight Sparkle is determined to figure it out.

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How... how has this never been done before? :pinkiegasp: I'm really liking it so far, too!

Everyone in Equestria and beyond know that Celestia and Luna guide the Moon and Sun across the sky.


Whooaaa, never thought about that :O

1832783 Wait, this hasn't been done before?




...*Ahem* Please continue your daily activities.

Add 3 words to the chapter and I'll read it.

I mean exactly what I said.

1832999 But I don't get it. Does the page appear blank to you or something?

Wow... you're such a nub. Guess I'm not reading it.

...I guess someone already pointed out how close this chapter is to leetness. SO CLOSE!

Anyways, joking aside, you've got something interesting here. Will Twilight actually discover some actual ancient/forgotten deities in the pages of a history book or will she get a lesson on typical astronomy and physics on gravity and of the such? OR WILL SHE LEARN ABOUT BOTH?!?! :pinkiegasp:

Either way, I'll be tracking this. This could turn out to be a pretty fun story. :twilightsmile:


Add three words to it so that the chapter's word count equals 1337, AKA LEET in leetspeak.
I feel very bad for having to explain that meme.

1833052 I don't care whether or not you read it, but now I feel stupid. Can you at least explain what I'm missing?

1833096 <- what he said. Except that LEET is short for elite... as in... 'pro'

1833096 Oh. I've never heard of that meme. I feel really really dumb.


Close enough.

It's so Twilight Sparkle it hurts. :twilightsmile:

Well done. A question: Did you mean to use the same planets from our solar system for Equestria's? The names all came from Greco-Roman mythology, and of course Equestria's mythology is quite different from ours...For one, Tartarus is a real place and actually guarded by Cerebus... You can of course keep it, in which case I'm looking forward to the pony Gods of War and Love...Wait, isn't that already Cadence?:rainbowhuh:

Regardless, adding to read later.

1833833 yes, I am using the same planets earth has, and I haven't quite come up with a reason how.

Maybe Celestia and Luna named them?

Maybe they named themselves, maybe they ARE the gods that they're named after. I haven't quite come up with a reason yet, :rainbowlaugh:

1833833 OH. I forgot to mention in my other reply: Cadance IS the goddess of love, but she's sort of like Cupid.

Cupid is the son of Venus, and while I'm not going to say too much yet, Cadance is sort of the same thing.

Love and sex/fertility and stuff are different, wink wink. :raritywink:

What you did there, i have witnessed it. Aegis Shield's Scrap File, that was a good one. :pinkiehappy:

Had a amusing thought involving that spell of Twilight's. She should try using it on the planet they are living on instead of the planets that are far away. Would probably make the spell easier to do and the results could be very interesting.:twilightsmile:


This is rather excellent so far, a good start and very to-character. I'll have to read the rest of it later, but I can't wait either way :pinkiesmile:

OOOOOOOh a cliff hanger...

now i'll be on pins and needles to find out what happens next:raritydespair:

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