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I was never the most well liked pokemon around town, being unable to talk more then your species name dosen't help explain that your here to collect souls to send them to a better place either. Did not know it would result in my death again though. Luckily, the creator of pokemon has given me another chance... again. Though this time in someplace called Equestria. . . Wait, what? Technicolor ponies are the dominate race here? huh.

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Well, This is the first Pokemon FiMfic that I've seen that featured a Ghost-type Pokemon as a starring protagonist. I like to see what you will do with the Lampent.

Oh god. I really should've just left Burning Souls well enough alone, but no.

2123331 Burning Souls huh? I think thats Chandelures Department :pinkiecrazy:

2123319 Apparently you haven't seen the Shedninja fic thats around here somewhere, eh theres a search bar, great read. Though i think the hole in its back is going to be a problem sooner or later

This is the first pokemon fic where the protagonist isn't a human turned pokemon but a pokemon to begin with.

2123697Yeah, I read that one too. There have been a slew of new pokemon crossovers since Burning Souls. And I have every one of them favorited.:twilightsmile: Yours is no exception.

"Who keeps killing these birds, seriously."

....Would you like a list? 'Cause I could go all day.

2127725 after I get done with some college work, re-doing Tales of Data Jack 2nd log. :trollestia: don't worry new chapter will be soon though :coolphoto:

Want more chapters, yet none will come. Please, do hurry.

2129554 Dont worry, next chapter will be out in 12-19 hours :ajsmug: Quality over Quanity and what not. Most of that time will be spent Sleeping since I just wrote half of the next chapter.

Another good chapter. So Derpy's gotten married good for her.:pinkiehappy:

a deformed purple charmander

i cracked up at that


Philomania, a Giant slender Torchic with actual useful wings. :3

2135880 Ursa minor, over sized Teddy Ursa :pinkiecrazy:

I always wanted to say Allons-y Alonso to somepony

"Souji? Sanji? Soul world? Souja boy!"

that is why pinkie is awesome

Love Lampent. Will give a read.

2137870 Gasp a Dunsparce has apeared. :pinkiegasp: Yo. :pinkiehappy:

2137921 :derpytongue2::derpytongue2::derpytongue2: Can't wait for Shadow Tag to be revealed on Chandelure! :pinkiehappy:

I vote for him to sneak in and act like a lamp, but have Fluttershy recognize him. Again, make him shy. 'Cause if he can be scared off by Fluttershy and her group of animals, then a huge crowd of ponies should nearly put him comatose. That is, if he even could be comatose, seeing as how comatose is a state of near death. But if he was already dead, I don't know how that would work... I sounded like Pinkie Pie for a second there.

Aaaaanyways. Yeah, give him some conflict. Make sure he doesn't just blend into pony society without a hitch. And most of all, make sure he has at least one or two ponies that will distrust him entirely. Set it up for future conflict.:pinkiehappy:

2137930 One or two? Lets see here theres already three I can see not trusting anypony except celestia, (Those being Silver tiara, her father Filfy rich, and Silver spoon), Nurse redheart would have a good reason to if she found out his profession and misunderstood it as the trainers did. Angel bunny and normal animals probably wont trust him due to Soul Light being a Ghost/fire type. Two things animals don't tend to like. Meh, worst case is if I can't find somepony who can fit into it, then I could make an OC to do so. :pinkiecrazy: Wonder whatever happened to this pony -> :coolphoto:

2137925 Assuming Soul Light ever finds a Dusk Stone that is.

2137981You said Silver Tiara. Don't you mean Diamond Tiara? Or did you misname her on purpose? Also, I can see Rainbow Dash not trusting Soul Light because she can be a bit on the stubborn side. Also Rarity perhaps because of any reason relating to fashion, but that's probably more disgust than mistrust. Other than that, the Mane 6 are all accounted for. Twilight's already met him, as has Pinkie (who coincidentally trusts everyone at first). Fluttershy would probably see him as another animal in need of care/friendship, and AJ is probably on neutral grounds. As for BG ponies, none of them are really ever characterized in canon, so you have free reign there.

"Looks like your no exception."
This is good. Keep going- I want to see this Lampent's character developed-Soul Light's character developed.

2138534 Silver tiara, she dosent deserve a name like Diamond Tiara frankly, I don't see how shes supposed to be as pretty as that particular gem nor is she worth gold on that matter. lucky I dont just flat out call her Pig Tiara on acount of her Coat color but that would insult pigs and ponies of similar color which I refuse to do. Though I will regretably be forced to use her proper name if I ever include that jerk in a fan fiction. (After reading past sins, and watching the episodes she is in. This reaction is just an understatement.) :trixieshiftright:

Please tell me Lampent will evolve at some point in this story.

2137988 I meant in game but yeah. :derpytongue2:

2140942 Game what game :pinkiecrazy:

2140640 and he probably W-spoilers!- :derpytongue2:

Oh wow, you actually took my suggestions from last chapter.:pinkiehappy:

And I noticed how you have chapters 1, 3, and 5 stating chapter numbers but chapters 2 and 4 just had names. Is that going to be the process for future chapters as well?

2148636 eeyup. Though im not completely sure who to make a reoccuring or major villian yet. :pinkiecrazy: Rainbow Dash will make do until then I guess

Rainbow,"Wait what? I'm the villian?" :rainbowhuh:

Me, "Yep, now get your wings in gear and stop running into pokemon and ponies 'cause we got a chapter to write." :ajbemused:

2149105This is... just wow. I opened up my notifications tab to look for any notices- nothing. I click on the favorites button 10 seconds later and there's a notification. It was you.

Oh really? :pinkiecrazy:
Because that just happened here as well.

Great chapter. So Soul now has a follower.

2157970 More like a stalker than a follower if you think about it :pinkiecrazy:

Party member gained! nameless timberwolf

current party size: 2
Soul Light
nameless timberwolf

2158045 Want some statistics to go with those names? :derpytongue2:

Nameless timberwolf:
Scratch, Growl
Grass type

Soul Light
Species: Lampent
Gender: Male
Type: Ghost/Fire
Level: 55 (based on Ceruleans city upgrade to the 50's in recent games)
Nature: Timid, Pinkiemania when in combat(yes I just went there)
Ability: Shadow Tag: Prevents opponets from escaping from battle.

Species: Timber Wolf
Gender: Female
Type: Normal/Grass
Level: 40(as not to die outright from that Dark Pulse)
Nature: Jolly, Likes to scatter things about.
Ability: Pick up: 10% chance to pick up an object after a battle if no item held, Randomly picks items up while walking.

2158275This pleases me. And if you decide to make a manticore a party member...:applejackunsure: well... meh, no more thinking. Good chapter and battle scene.

It'll be interesting to see whether or not Celestia knows anything about Pokemon.

2158619 i love how this got from me listing the party to stats and then to a possible manticore/sea serpent party member

2158619Because he's a sea serpent and:
a) can't survive on land
b) Soul Light is deathly afraid of water... yeah he ain't touching him with a 39 1/2 foot pole.

2158679 I know right? Now im planning chapter names ahead of time and working in a feasible place for it to occur. So many of these events in season one involves Twilight Sparkle so expect something off show to happen between Bridal gossip and Swarm of the century. Though there are going to be a lot more changes each one due to the new members in each. Suspect many a epic fail and epic win in the future though :pinkiecrazy:

2158702 you forget about flying Garados(in the Arena game battles) and other water pokemon :pinkiecrazy: yay for cartoon lack of phyics.


2158774True enough I guess. But still, Soul Light is afraid of water. Once more, he ain't goin anywhere near him.

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