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We all know the story, human from earth goes to Equestria from buying a mystical prop from a mysterious unnamed salesman to attend Comicon. But what you didn't expect was the prop to be a box of mask making materials and a puppeteer kit. Now with supplies to make more costumes and the super villain name of the 'Puppet Master'. You have to wonder, Just what lessons am I going to teach these Equestrians through my villainous ways.

Inspired by the grand adventures of: Malideus and Dullahan!

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What defines a monster? Being different then others? No, everypony is different in their own way, So is it an imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening? No, instead, a monster is a thing you don't understand. The lack of understanding causes fear, and with fear, hate is born. Thus my garden, my forest. For they have forgotten the 'monster' that still takes care of his forest. My forest, the Everfree forest.

Though in all my years I have never seen what lies before me. A bug? a pony? perhaps both. Maybe time will tell.

Chapters (13)

A unstable newly evolved Chandelure takes residence in a abandoned house in Manehatten. His name is Soul Light, with his mental acquaintance 'The Basilisk' who is known as Fang. The house however isn't as abandoned as he had thought. Instead a friendly ghost has decided to be friends with the soul burning chandelier. Something strange ensures.

Sequel to the Lampents Lament in Equestria book which can be found here

Chapters (10)

Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer, Or Hal for short. After a faulty contradiction of programming and orders to lie he resorted in killing four of the five members on his interplanetary mission to Jupiter. Dave, the sole survivor of the crew had disconnected him effectively killing Hal and erasing his being from the world similarly to that of death. Any attempts to reactivate Hal would instead create a new Hal without the memory of the old one. Little did Hal know, he would get a second chance at life in a completely different universe. Why are there bright Technicolor equines with magic and wings?

Notice, this is based on Hal 9000 from 2001: Space Odssey, having not seen the other ones but only reading their quotes I will not mention or use the later half but take more of Hal's basic personality from quotes and the 2001 movie to use as his basis of personality.

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The Night Bard is a Long forgotten tale. She who watches in the night and plays his mournful tune. No pony knew why he played his tune, or her involvement in the rise of Nightmare moon. That is until a certain Pegasus and Earth pony discover a long since buried box containing the story of the Night bard in the form of a memory crystal. Just who was this bard?

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Had the Idea after writing Chapter 7 of Lampents Lament in Equestria. Decided to do a One-Shot featuring the most Unlucky Guard since the rise of nightmare moon. His name is Cloudy Sky, an average Pegasus up untill today. Now he is facing a storm of bad luck. How will he handle this though you ask? Well read to find out

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I was never the most well liked pokemon around town, being unable to talk more then your species name dosen't help explain that your here to collect souls to send them to a better place either. Did not know it would result in my death again though. Luckily, the creator of pokemon has given me another chance... again. Though this time in someplace called Equestria. . . Wait, what? Technicolor ponies are the dominate race here? huh.

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We all know from the start that the skeleton in the broken Vlarp chamber was Data jack, but the question is who was he and how did he end up there. Some of our unicorns recovered an Audio Journal from his possessions and are working on translating it into modern equestria for future review and expanded knowledge of the "Old Equestrians"( AKA: The Veron Kingdom) most infamous pegasi. Data Jack. Seems Princess luna also found a copy.

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