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After his death, Sam has been chosen by none other than Discord to introduce humanity to Equestria. However, this samurai is not planning on being used as a pawn by anyone. He has set some new goals while stranded in this strange land inhabited by ponies, and he's going to need their help getting back home.

However, they are reluctant to help-with a bloody history trailing behind him, can Sam's lifestyle and philosophy be accepted by ponies? And what does Discord really want with Sam?

(Takes placeafter S3)

My utmost thanks towards JBL and (former) Whiter Penmanshipfor becoming my proofreaders/editors!

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Interesting, faintly reminds me of Diaries of a Madman. Why bother basing the story off a game you've never played? In fact, why base it off a game, period? You've already got the concept down. Also, you shouldn't be say you uploading another chapter depends on how much likes you get, seems kind of shallow. You should write because you want to, not because of likes. :twilightsmile:
Well, I'm interested in how this story pans out, so I'll give it a like and favorite. :moustache:

thanks for the tip! just changed it.
I never read such as story. maybe i'll check it out when I have the time
Also, after watching the Jetstream DLC for the game, I've had this itch in my mind for about a week now, and I just had to jot it down.

(P.S., I have never played Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in my life, so if there are any errors you want to point out, PM me, and I'll be sure to make corrections.)


I got a error to point out: Play the game and get a feel for the coolest dude around before writin a story about him.

I reeeeeally hope you're sarcastic about that, because at for a few months, there's no way I can get the game.:raritycry: I had to resort to the alternative-check out other people's playthroughs.
Sorry if I've worsened your expectations for this fic:pinkiesad2:

2503009 Naw more joshin' than anything. Sorry if that didn't translate well into text.

I really want to like this story but I've never liked crossovers. The opening chapter was good, but I'm guessing it all goes downhill from here since I have absolutely no experience with Metal Gear Rising, so I'm pretty sure most if not all of the references you'll use will be lost on me. :raritydespair:

Behold the story that will drag the world into the 21st century!!!!

If you have time, check out the game on YouTube. Especially the Jetstream DLC:rainbowkiss:

2503306 lol I get what you're saying. :ajbemused:


By the way, do you use the same user name in fanfiction?
PS: You've got 9 likes already, that means you owe us a next chapter ASAP! :pinkiehappy:

interbubbleing i want to see where this gose:moustache:

Three words:

Jetstream Sam motherb*****s:flutterrage::flutterrage:


Found one error:

Remebering what happened -> should be remembering

Oh by the way, Diaries of a Madman is more than 1 million words long, so...... brace yourself!

Yes, except you just take out "Pony" in "RagingPonyRider":twilightblush:


causing Angel to choke on a bit of carrot and Fluttershy to jumped into the air.


trying to keep track off all the running and flying animals



2508000 Well I wouldn't mind being one, but it'll have to wait until after May, I have exams throughout that whole month :fluttershysad:

And Jack, how are you doing? Did you manage to pick up where I failed? Killing him must have been though, but if you could kill me, you have a better chance than I ever did.

Should be tough. Minor mistake aside, the story is shaping up well. I'll be very interested to see where you go with this.:moustache:

I really hope sam finds a solution to the fuel cell problem cause his suit is badass. It would be a shame to see him have to give it up.


Pretty good. I thought that the opening bit with Twilight and her studies and the fight scene dragged on for a bit too long. The last part however was well done. Even though if she was worried about a predator in the forest, Twilight was kind of callous though, given that she knows of Fluttershy's........ disposition and just teleported away.


but Twilight and and Celestia thought otherwise

had an extra and in there

placed it onto the the table

extra the

"Twlight, please!"


The timberwolf roared again as it lowered it head to swallow


He activate his Murasama


and on the other side was a what appeared to be a village

and on the other side was what appeared to be a village

His swords was still in his hand and he sheathed it for his next attack,

His swords were

After about a ten minutes of sprinting,

After approximately ten minutes of sprinting

Suddenly she gasped, something having replaced her train of though.


And you said you can't be my editor right now!:pinkiesmile:


2528779 I reaaaalllly shouldn't be here right now! Aaaaand yet here I am! :rainbowlaugh:

Before season 4 comes out, Twilight's personality as an alicorn princess is up to debate, but I still think I got the gist of her down. I decided to make more mature and a bit commanding because she needs to take on a more leader-ly role. And besides, she needs to be quick-thinking about things if she wants to alert the rest of her friends of the "monster", doesn't she?


See, Twilight agrees!


2528884 I think that could actually make an interesting subplot in the story, Twilight trying to balance her role as princess while trying to maintain her friendships. Her leaving Fluttershy to console herself could serve to be the catalyst.

any HF blade's signature: to somehow cut objects exponentially larger than the blade itself.

Fuckin' HF blades! How do they work!?

2530288 The blade is reinforced by an alternating current, and the blade vibrates at an extremely high frequency (hence the name). The vibrations weaken the molecular bonds of whatever it cuts, thereby increasing cutting ability.

2535309 I actually meant the exponetially larger part.

2535322 That could be chalked up to the wielder's often times ludicrous levels of strength. :pinkiesmile: Just look at what Raiden did against the modified Metal Gear RAY, and later on against Metal Gear Excelsus. :pinkiegasp:

2535329 About those two I can only say this: FRAKKING BADASS

While an HF blade can cut nearly anything with ease, it's ability to flawlessly cut objects larger than itself is supported by the HFB Principle of Hideo Kojima: the extra length an HF blade can cut is equal to the wielder's importance to the plot multiplied by the level of absurdity of the current situation.:rainbowdetermined2:

(I'm sorry, I just to throw that in there:pinkiehappy: But that aside, what do you think about the story itself for now?)

Save for a few grammatical errors, this story is surprisingly good. Sure, it uses a lot of HiE cliches, but I think that's forgivable.

You tell me to check out your crossover with Jetstream Sam, yet you've never played MGR? For shame man.:duck:

How can you write a crossover without getting a feel for the character?

With that said, I will be checking this out as soon as I get home. The overall review of this story seems pretty good, and it's given me high hopes for this.

Scroll down to the comment by Commissar-Rarity to read my response.

2538080No, I saw your comments. You said you can't get the game and have been relying on watching walkthroughs. Still isn't the same as playing the game yourself.

Also, I would recommend against getting MGR. No online, and the campaign is short as hell. Not worth the $60 to buy it.:ajbemused:

You better get MGR, either rental or a buy. It has high replay value if you are the type of person that goes back to score high on battles and whatnot. That is essential, walk-throughs or not.

This has caught my eye as Sam is one of my favorite characters from the game. I hope to see you do him justice. I'll keep track of this... for now.:duck::raritywink:

P.S: Sam's HF blade can slice through metal and steel. That timberwolf boss should have been sliced into confetti in just a few seconds.

Where's the drama and fun in that?:raritywink:
Besides, compared to the timberwolf, Sam about the size of a giant flea.
(PS, did you mean to say "That is essential, walk-throughs ARE not"?)

2536095 I have not actually given your story a spin yet, but I plan to soon. I only glanced at the comments for a few opinions before doing so. Then I got distracted. :pinkiesmile:

It's sad my muse for gaming has died:fluttercry: I tried to play but I just get this feeling like I'm not accomplishing anything or getting enjoyment out of it. I started playing MGR at the beginning and quit five minutes in. :facehoof:

So who wants to buy a PS3?

Good luck with you story and even my 10+ years of gaming are done you need to play MGR It's worth it!

I think you need an editor to iron out those grammar/spelling mistakes you make sometimes. Other than that, this isn't bad. I do like how Sam has common sense and doesn't just attack everything on sight just because.

You tease.:ajsmug:

I really wanted to see Sam slaughter some guards.


Here's to hoping that Sam doesn't act like a submissive little bitch when meeting the princesses. Normally all the HiE protagonists are usually overwhelmed with the sheer splendor and grace of Celestia and Luna, for once it would be pretty interesting for someone who would regard them as equals, or even beneath them. Sam seems a kind of nonchalant character, so he would go about (in their eyes) disrespecting them without him even being aware of it or not even caring if he did (the whole I bow to man or woman scenario). Let's see Celestia get her feathers ruffled for once and realize there isn't much she can do about him! Luna might be so enraged she might even attack him!

lol I can imagine in the middle of pissing off Celestia and Luna, the Mane 6 would bust in like:


moving animals exist "nature" in the first place.


including the time spend slaying the timberwolves


help from boondocks.Guess I'll just have to rest there

space needed between boondocks and guess

amused by the though of horse acting like civilized


However, he was too close to town now to retreat into the Forest. and he had a higher chance of survival in an urban environment than the wild.

However, he was too close to town now to retreat into the Forest and he had a higher chance of survival in an urban environment than the wild.

A loud, clear sound of a slap rung through the cottage, Before tears escaped Fluttershy's eyes

A loud, clear sound of a slap rung through the cottage. Before tears escaped Fluttershy's eyes

was that most ponies did not screamed at the sight of him.


He passed by what looked like a outdoor marketplace


After some more minutes of sightseeing and scrambling ponies, made his way to the biggest building in town: the town hall. it was large and towered over the surrounding houses.and shops, but still just as simplistic.

After some more minutes of sightseeing and scrambling ponies, he made his way to the biggest building in town: the town hall. It was large and towered over the surrounding houses and shops, but still just as simplistic.

As soon as he was through the doorway, he laid his fuel cell to the wall beside it and sat next to it. massaging his temples and crossing his legs in contemplation.

As soon as he was through the doorway, he laid his fuel cell to the wall beside it and sat next to it, massaging his temples and crossing his legs in contemplation.

formal to announce herself everytime she met the same pony

every time

Besides,what can five little ponies do against..."

Besides, what can five little ponies do against..."

Once he got over the initial shock. he started chuckling again

Once, he got over the shock, he started chuckling again

Fluttershy ducked under the window, terrified that the animal outside have seen him.

Fluttershy ducked under the window, terrified that the animal outside had seen her.


BTW, to your earlier comment, who do take Sam for? :duck:
He may be a gentleman, but he's no pushover. After fighting Raiden and Armstrong, it's most likely he's just going to laugh and/or attempt to beat the crap out of everypony. And don't worry, he'll cause enough trouble for the princesses by the time he meets them :pinkiecrazy: if you know what I mean.

when Sky High told Sam to come with them or the guard will use force all i could hear was this

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