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When an unknown meteor shower descends upon Equestria. Seven meteor's crash at different points in the magical land. Princess Celestia informs the elements of harmony that it is a sign that an old prophecy is coming to pass. As the six begin their journey, they discover that each meteor holds a pony who claims to have never seen Equestria before. The first one which crashed in Ponyville holds the gentlecolt calling himself, Jonathan Joestar. They all soon realize that they must gather the remaining stallions in order to avert a catastrophe of biblical proportions.

"There will come a time, when seven stars fall. Upon this day, a bizarre journey must take place to gather them together. For the evil they herald possesses powers unlike any other, sono chi no sadame!"

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Oh dear...You just had to say it, didn't you? Look what you've done, Johnathan!

I feel bad for Johnathan. Learning about his family tree is going to ruin his day.:raritydespair:

3470582 I dunno, I'm already envisioning Josuke's reaction to Johnathan's reaction to his hair.:pinkiecrazy:

I have a question for you and the other readers, who do you think crash landed where? Keep in mind who's in the cover photo:ajsmug:

3470623 Well, Giorno's in Las Pegasus, and I'm gonna take some wild guesses and say that Jotaro's in the jungle, Josuke's in the Crystal Empire, and Johnny's in either Dodge Junction or Appleoosa.

And before anypony asks, yes, Stands are going to be able to be used in Equestria, but them being perceived by other ponies is a different story :pinkiehappy:

3471381 A better question is: Will Giorno have conquered Equestria's criminal underworld by the time they find him? He is, after all, the ultimate Gang Star.



You just achieved a boner level I haven't experienced since JoJo's Bizarre adventure started getting animated! I shall follow this story to the ends of the earth and I swear to ass I will do all I can to give this thing the attention it deserves!

Btw, have a King Crimson!


You have my blessing, spread the word! Even SPEEDWAGON is excited!

It's cool if there are only 7.
After all, part 8 has yet to finish and Gappy appears to be the only stand user.

Well the. What a resounding start Joseph has taken.
I can only imagine the victims Josuke will rack up..


3472949 I take it you haven't read very far in Jojolion yet. Josuke-2 most definitely isn't the only stand user in the series by now.

Gotta say, bringing all seven JoJos together is going to be fun. Can't wait to see what Jonathon makes of his grandson, or the mobster son of his arch-rival. And I can only imagine what Johnny the jockey will think about BEING a pony now. :rainbowlaugh:

3477103 That brings up an interesting question: Is Johnny still crippled? Cuz if so, that'd be pretty funny, in a dark kind of way.:pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by ShittyMKSound deleted Nov 15th, 2013

*hmms in thought* Actually, come to think of it, Giorno was conceived by Dio while he was grafted to Jonathan's body, so that sort of makes him Jonathan's son, too. That should be fun, if it's brought up.

3477950 Hmmm, well Celestia said that they were all brought from a point in time after they'd finished their big adventures, so as a reader, I'd assume that means the Johnny we get will be post-Steel Ball Run.

Joseph pointed as he wiped some blood from his muzzle, “Next you’re going to say-"

Jonathan cut him off, “That you lost before we began.  Yes I was in fact.”

Damn! Gramps just schooled ya, Joseph



3479608 3480581
I'm so looking forward to seeing Joseph doing this to some MLP villains:
And is Giorno Giovanna going to take form of griffon? And are we some Jojo villains? Because I like to see Funny Valentine use his stand by summoning the Mane 6 evil counterpart here a example Funny Valentine summoned Rainbow Dash from the rainbow factory universe.
Are the Mane 6 and ponies characters going to get stands? Because I have a good stand for Fluttershy; Fluttershy is the Weeping Angels it similar to Bad Company and Fluttershy use it mostly for defense and for spying and it can't move when someone looking at it only Fluttershy can see them move.
Edit: What about Spike? He need some adventure time too.

Don't worry, your questions will be answered later

3479608 Well, now I just had a thought strike me along those lines, but regarding Jotaro. Given that Jotaro was alive through the other story arcs up to the end of Stone Ocean, it makes me wonder if the Jotaro in this story will be taken from immediately after Stardust Crusaders, or if he'll be at his Stone Ocean age. What makes me curious about that is because depending on which case it is, that'll be bound to have a major impact on his relationship with Jolyne when they meet. I'm not going to ask for spoilers, because I'm very much looking forward to finding out as the story progresses. :pinkiehappy: Just pointing out that the thought occured to me.

After Stardust, now here's the thing dear believers, there is going to be a very JoJo esque way to explain why they were taken from these SPECIFIC point in the epilogue. Now i have given you something to look forward to more :ajsmug::heart:

Damn it Joseph. You know Erina taught you better than that.


Now I'm interested in seeing how he'll fare with a Young Joseph and his great great grandfather. Pretty sure all 3 of them in one place is like fire to a keg of gunpowder...:pinkiehappy:

Star Platinum's gonna buck some sh-!-t up next chapter.

Something tells me Giorno ended up in Las Pegasus...which is strangely fitting.

I hope somebody picks up that phone. BECAUSE I FUCKING CALLED IT!!:trollestia:

Will Joseph unlock his stand when they meet Jotaro? It was Dio unlocking The World that triggered the rest of the Joestars' stands, so would Jotaro using Star Platinum reverse trigger Purple Hermit?

Im just waiting for the inevitable family tree explanation
"Ok, this is my grandson Joseph."
:twilightsmile: "Nice to meet you"
"This is my great great grandson Jotaro"
:twilightsmile: "Makes sense"
"This is my grandson's illegitimate son Josuke"
:rainbowderp: "Wait, what?"
"This is the son of my arch-nemisis Dio, who sowed his immortal head to my dead body, technically making him my biological son. His name is Giorno"
:twilightoops: "Now wait just a second..."
"This is my great great great granddaughter Jolyne"
:twilightsheepish: "At least that makes sense"
"And finally, alternate universe version of me caused by time being rewritten due to the actions of an insane priest. He goes by Johnny"
:facehoof: "I'm out"

Jotaro! You godly beast of a stallion!

Nice chapter, but I've gotta make one nitpick. You had Joseph make a reference to Cujo, but considering that Joseph was yanked out of the 1940s, he should have no way of knowing about that book.

Then again, it's consistent with Araki's dedication to historical accuracy. :raritywink:

Wait, they traveled to the jungle by airborne carriage? You mean to tell me that Joseph was on a plane that didn't crash? :pinkiegasp:

Well... There was that one time at the end of Part 2 where he boaarded a plane to Tokyo...
Then again I'm sure one way or another it had some flight troubles.

Love how you write the Joestars so far; Jonathan is the perfect gentleman. I can't wait until you get to the others, especially Johnny.

Something just occurred to me: If the Joestars are all from pretty much immediately after their respective bizarre adventures, how mindfucked is Jolyne right now? :twilightoops:

3503621 Part of me is hoping she's using her Stand to supercharge the idea of the fetal position and curl into a ball of yarn out of panic.


Seems Pucci was a little TOO thorough in his work

3504318 Well, he got beaten to death by a ten year old, so it's all good. :pinkiecrazy:

..Never insult a man's hair style. Especially if they care about it.

A map, a bird of prey, and a star with three dots. Don't know about the first, but I have an idea for the star and bird.
Pucci gained a star mark, and had a three-staged stand. As for the bird of prey...
...Cars is going to land from orbit isn't he? :fluttershysad:

The Map is...well, there is a reason the OC tag is there, but the tag is ONLY there for THIS story.

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