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Everypony knows of Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship and previous star student of Princess Celestia. But do many know that Celestia has taken many students in her years of being a ruler? Before Twilight Sparkle, before Sunset Shimmer, there was a stallion called Moonstone. A devoted student with a drive to learn his magical studies and his studies of the cosmos, he could never be without a good book or be far from his telescope and charts. Though when the time came for the final phase of his studies, the final test, he felt unprepared and departed to study in solitude.

For years he never wrote or spoke a word to Celestia, but finally he has returned, feeling ready for his test. However, he soon discovers that not only has his final test opportunity passed him by, but that somepony else has completed it. The newest princess and his third replacement. Twilight Sparkle. Having nothing else, he concedes to studying the stars in the Canterlot Castle Observatory, his once loved home in the castle. But when Twilight discovers she has a senior in magical studies who might even know more than her, she jumps at the opportunity to potentially be his friend. Moonstone, will hear nothing of it.

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Tirek has escaped once more and has amassed enough power to lay waste to Equestria and imprison the girls to bear witness to his destructive campaign. From the hopeless situation, with Equestria on the brink of destruction, a strange hero emerges to save the day.

(One Shot. Might make more)

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Within the Seventh Universe, there are many extraordinary beings that thrive and preform duties none could imagine. One such being is no exception, though he is greatly feared, and rightly so. It comes natural when your job is to destroy worlds to make way for new ones, this being is known as The God of Destruction, Beerus. His power has no rival and he makes the very cosmos quake with utter fear at his name. The fear mostly stems from the fact that Lord Beerus's temper is something to be avoided. To draw his ire is to usher forth certain death, this was learned the day he did battle with the hero of Earth, Goku. But despite the Earth coming close to destruction, Beerus parted ways with the heroes of Earth as an uneasy friend. And since then, he has decided to slumber for three years.

But there is one thing that even a god can do that mortals are known for, sleepwalking. So one can imagine the mild worry and annoyance when Beerus is discovered missing by his keeper, Whis. But the God is not missing, he merely moved his sleeping area. His current bed? The topmost chamber of an ancient castle on a world full of talking Equines. So how well can a world known for it's magic and wonder, house a god known for his temper and penchant for the destruction of worlds? Who knows....but let's find out.

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This story is a sequel to Baen of Equestria

(New Cover Art was done by Burst)

Baen has had a good life, a house, a caring marefriend, and Twilight and her friends as well as all others he has made in Equestria have stuck by him, and he is forever grateful for it. So after several months of vacation time, and a few more days of contemplation, Baen pops Coco the question. Though this is a momentous and happy time, an unfortunate twist of fate casts a shadow over the light filled life of the barbarian. A foe of old, sealed away at the conclusion of a great battle named Vida reemerges with the intention to retrieve a possession of hers to unseal 'something' from it's frozen slumber. Upon discovering Spike destroyed it, she spirits the young dragon away. Twilight, with Baen at her side venture forth to save the young dragon.

But the sorceress is merely the calm before the true storm to come. A storm that will creep through Equestria and move to another world to begin it's true sinister purpose. The fate of two worlds now hang in the balance. But the question is, can Baen confront his toughest struggle yet and emerge victorious? Or will he be consumed by his regret and demons of old, and fail?

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"I....I think we should see other ponies.... I mean I love you Baen, I really do. But I just don't think I might be the mare for you. You understand right?"
After the day when Coco broke up with him, the day the stoic barbarian's heart was broken, Baen became lost and depressed. For many days he wondered without a destination, just trotting and going through the motions. Many of his friends wanted to talk to him about it, but he avoided them. One night, in a stupor, he finds himself in Twilight's castle and the next morning he had vanished. His friends didn't look much into it, thinking he had gone on a vacation. But he did not go to a resort or an island, but to a different world. But his arrival and mannerisms draw the attention of many people, the first being a group of girls who not only seek to befriend the barbarian, but to help him see things aren't so bad. And the other being three girls who wish to nab him for their own nefarious purposes and the purposes of another. But all is not dark, for out of these girls, a miss Sunset Shimmer feels a connection with the wayward warrior, and perhaps something more. But can one of the strongest magic's bloom when a threat looms on the horizon?

A little non-canon/spin-off in the Baen-Verse

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Celestia has been prepping for this day for quite sometime. The day an old old friend was to drop by. The wise and powerful Yogurt lands in Canterlot and catches up with the princesses and sees how the other is doing and holding up with their successful brand.

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In times long past, there was, the Apple Family Pie. Nopony knew why, but this delectable delicacy had no equal in terms of texture, appearance, or taste. However with all treasures, there is always a thief ready to steal them. The Apple Family haven't been able to sell as many pies as they used too during events, ho-downs, or parties due to a troublesome series of thefts. The culprit? A wily, tricky, and guile savvy pony. His name....Woolie.

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During a personal excursion into the Everfree forest, Twilight goes further beyond it's borders. Soon she discovers a ruined temple and what she finds inside of it surprises her beyond belief. A stallion around her age named Baen is freed into the world from the structure. Though the stallion is brash, reckless, and having trouble adjusting to the new norms that he is not accustomed to, he has a good heart. Upon Celestia's request and Twilight's eagerness, the Elements of Harmony and many other ponies that Baen will meet shall teach the young barbarian their ways and how to find his place in this new time. They had best hurry though, for enemies of old are preparing to move against them and they're playing for keeps.

For Clop of everpony's favorite Barbarian, The Conquests of Baen By Lucky424

(Based on a character I shall use in a pony D&D. Art done by 2ll2l )

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Long has the coffee branch of StarBuck been open in Canterlot and long has Celestia frequented it. She always grabs her order and returns to the castle to enjoy it, Luna however has been curious of the beverage known as coffee. So one day she sips her first drink....nopony was prepared for what transpired.

Dramatic Read of the fic! : Done by EnderBlaze

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Masō-Shōjo (魔装少女?, lit. "Magical Garment Girl")
While digging for gems outside Ponyville, Rarity comes across a broken object with a strange incantation on it's surface. Upon reading it, Rarity gains a cute and sexy ensemble as well as immense strength, agility, and a brutal looking weapon. With these powers Rarity will become a brutal hero of justice and look fabulous while doing it!

(Part of a project i call, Garment Mares of Equestria.)

(Just a one-shot. Might make more of em later. Hell, make some of yer own. THAT i would like to read!)

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