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Martin has had an unreal life ever since he first stepped foot into the land of Equestria. He has been regularly visting Equestria and his friends The Mane Six for two months now and their friendship has never been stronger. However after Winter Wrap Up he heads home with The Mane Six directly behind him. Unfortunatly upon doing this, they have not only broken a promise that they swore to Sortitus to uphold, they have also caused the bridge connecting their worlds to collapse behind them. While they wait for a new bridge to be constructed which Sortitus must do by hand (much to his annoyance), the now humanized Mane Six will have to blend into regular society with Martin's help. However things get chaotic when a student from Martin's grad class takes an interest in him and she allys herself with a released Discord who has decided Earth is to be the chaos capital of the universe, and to make matters worse, The Six find out they have maintained there "unique" abilities from Equestria.

Sequel to Martin: Chronicle Of A Hero

Chapters (19)
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“OOH, there squishy!”

that part makes me laugh every time:twilightblush:

interesting story. Does Dash still have wings, or just the abiltiy to fly. You should put in the wings. And then replace the unicorn horns with like star shaped marks on the forhead or something. Cant wait for next update

This is funny because my name is also Martin.

he might not have seen it but he shure as buck heard it

“OOH, there squishy!”
Every pinkie time comes to earth thats the line I always see.....And and it's still funny :rainbowlaugh:

...The level of absolute chaos resonating from that...


...Ok, why do I keep suddenly spazzing out while leaving comments? I'm getting slightly concerned.


Very well done story so far. Watched.

I have to agree with the above statement. Do go on my friend.

Tis okay, your forgiven for the small chapter. Great story, Absolutely love it.

BTW on a side note

Sortitus was in front obringf Martin

might want to fix that

Longer cjapter next time? :yay:

555447 thank you for finding the mistake

Well this is going to get interesting very soon

555595 Your quite welcome, look forward to the next stuff. Very interested in this story

Hm.... God himself is panicking.....
Oh my. :pinkiegasp:

walking o so funny:rainbowlaugh::yay:

My reaction to this chapter.
"HELL YEAH!!!!!!!"

" one of his favorite songs" almost gave my ears a seizure

Hilarious stuff, bro. Keep it up.


And now all we have to do is wait for them to think back on why :rainbowderp::ajsmug: and :raritywink:
stopped trying to get into a relationship with him. The reason being that he wasn't a pony and they weren't humans.
Until now....

I love the fact i know whats going to happen next and its still so much fun to read. what Criptic dose (even though he tells me alot) is just amazing. I seriously am always entertained

i am at a loss for words

...Oh sweet Celestia, please make this go better than I think it will.

i was already listening to that song
my music sense told me:pinkiesmile:

Wungeyenung. There is NO other word more suitable for this situation. Total, and utter win

Nice. But, Speedstar. :trixieshiftright: Just doesn't flow too well.

This story got awesome!:rainbowkiss:

Dash scratched the back of her head, “Hey, what’s up?”

Martin raised the sketch, “You tell me”...

interesting, very interesting

Um wouldn't it be baf if they found out they're just cartoons????:unsuresweetie:
And,in the last story, didn't martin say he would give them a chance if they were humans!?!? It better happen. It better FUCKING happen:pinkiecrazy:

YES! I've been waiting so patiently. Haha Love this story

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