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Taking place shortly after Season 5 Episode 16, Rarity and Applejack meet a curious fellow buying a hideous scarf.

Welcome to a world were the events that happened in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure have taken place in the My Little Pony universe. And the story starts as the war that had been normally fought within the dead of night, starts growing to the point where the protagonist, Joseph Joestar, may not be enough to quell the oncoming storm.

A Jojo's Bizarre Adventure x My Little Pony Fiction Story.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 29 )

Joseph's first interaction with Rarity and Applejack was solid gold. I hope to see more of this story.

The thought of the Mane 6 getting involved in Joestar business for some reason annoys me let someone else save the world.

6670955 I hope that I can keep up the story... first time ever posting anything... Figured it might help me actually continue something.

6673453 If you're talking about the Mane 6 being the heroes, they're going to help... but more Old Joseph Joestar style than Joseph Joestar style, if you get what that means. :raritywink:
And on the off chance that you meant Jojo, No.

...so are the "vampires" going to be Sirens in this or...

You were inspired by the scarf scene in Applejack Takes Manehatten?

So, if Twi and the girls are under Celestia, Jojo's under Luna?

Nice way to make Joseph use Hamon and I'd really like to know what's Joseph's connection to RD. Keep up the awesome job.

I love reading Jojo's lines in Ben Diskin's voice :rainbowkiss:

That pun.

Wonder what their history was together. It'd be hilarious if Rainbow Dash was the Caesar Zeppeli of the story.

...On second thought, it wouldn't be hilarious.

I wonder what RD did to piss Jojo off...

Wait a minute...:rainbowhuh:
Chapter 1: New York's Jojo
Chapter 2: The Living Statue
Chapter 3: Painful News
You've been using parodies of chapter names! Does that mean we already know which chapter its gonna end on?:duck:

Also... You got Fallout 4 as a gift, why are you complaining?:ajbemused:

I'd like to apologize for the late reply, sorta just blanked there...
6730021 No, they're not going to be Sirens, they're the same vampires and zombies from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

6731145 Well, Twilight and the Mane 6 aren't exactly under Celestia, but Joseph Joestar is already recognized as a hero even at the start of the story, his talents being noticed by higher powers: Celestia and Luna. As vampires are only active during night hours, it makes sense that Joseph gets his orders from Luna, but he isn't exactly a night guard, more like a free agent.

6813750 I've been imagining Tomokazu Sugita's tone of voice when I've been writing, but I'm glad that people can also picture the dubbed voice actor as well. And the pun was something I thought of while writing it. And I'm so sorry. :heart:

6813577 An awesome job?! I'm going to go bake cookies to treat myself then. :heart::pinkiesmile::heart:

6813813 Yeah...it really wouldn't...because then Rainbow Dash would be a womanizer and have more talent in Hamon than Joseph at the beginning of the story. Since the timeline only really fractures at the Manehattan episode, Dash doesn't have Hamon to make crimson bubbles anytime soon. OH MY GOD! I just reminded myself of feels! :fluttercry:

6813821 While the scene does initially start off with Dash being mad at Joseph, the reason behind their little feud will be explained later.

6814130 ...I didn't expect anyone to pick up on that so quickly...but! There are no rules saying that I'll only use chapter titles, there certainly are a lot of soundtrack names and I could probably come up with something on my own!

Man, watching Joseph and RD blame each other and mentioning childhood incidents was hilarious, especially when RD blurted out that Joseph had a crush on Fluttershy.

Still love reading Joseph's lines in Ben Diskin's voice :rainbowlaugh:

Honestly, I anticipated that Fluttershy would've had to use the Stare at least once on either Rainbow Dash or JoJo (Or both :pinkiecrazy:), but the chapter was still good. Those two argue more than a married couple :trollestia:

Another pony to add that can match RD's inflated ego. :facehoof:

Ah, Joseph as a pony, this would be truly BIZARRE. Love to see the next.

Still weird to imagine Fluttershy as Suzy Q's opposite.

I'm surprised that Dash's favorite ice cream wasn't Rainbow sherbert... Or that her favorite flavor didn't change into adulthood.

Also, guess you really did decide to use BGMs as titles. Is Speedwagon going to appear soon as well?

6831924 I was hoping it would be funny, I had fun writing it.

6832194 I was planning on doing that initially, but I thought it would be better to have Fluttershy to have a commanding presence even without the use of The Stare.

6832673 Only Joseph Joestar can match it.:trollestia:

6836622 Don't worry about the Suzie Q mirror, this story isn't going to have MLP characters replace the ones from Battle Tendency.

6838324 My favorite flavor's been Rum Raisin since I was a kid... Is that weird? Also, I was hoping that someone wouldn't have caught up to the whole chapter naming thing :trixieshiftleft:

6840373 I'm more for Neapolitan, myself.

So does Jojo not have his kick ass cyborg arm yet?

If things are going to turn out how I think I do, I just have to wonder:
who'll be the one to rile him up, Hard Case or the unicorn?

Great chapter. It was nice to see Joseph kicking ass and outsmarting people even as a foal. Still, quite the tragic cliffhanger.

For some reason I read the narration in Speedwagon's voice.

“The next thing you’re going to say is, “How did you meet then?”

“How did you meet then? Wha?” Twilight confusedly adjusted her chair to get a better angle to look at Joseph. He was just happily eating his tomato pasta.

“Jojo likes doing that. He says it’s his special trick.” Fluttershy explained to Twilight.

I'm wondering if maybe he just has a knack for slight hypnotism, considering that it's always him saying it first. Basically, the power of suggestion.

Well Araki once said in an interview that if the gang from part 3 went to the world of part 2 they would see Joseph's body surrounded by Hermit Purple.

Jojo, pushed back one of the two ponies he was wrestling with, and the hoof he used to push the attacking stallion away started to pulsate with the same spark from before. Jojo used that same hoof to crush the skull of the mare that was still attached to his fore hoof.

(Deep breath) HAMON... OVERDRIVE!!

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