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News · 10:40am Oct 17th, 2020

Stuffs going well over here, despite all that's happening. Getting a good rhythm down and, after re-reading certain chapters of my projects, I've put down notes for certain things that I intend to finish. In all honesty I just feel super bad for going on a LARGE hiatus and just falling out of touch with everything here. I'm gonna take my time and update as best I can. Some projects I've cancelled will be picked up again, SOME not all so-

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I Apologize for my long silence and absence · 9:45pm Jan 19th, 2020

Just been dealing with a lot of stuff in my life. A family member passing in October, a bit of a health scare, money, job, exhaustion, and lack of inspiration. I remember back when I used to update like a madman on this site and as time went on, I visibly noticed a decline in my updating and just total lack of 'get up and go'. I'm sorry for that as well as cancelling various stories you all loved to read DUE to the lack of inspiration and loss of plot notes. With everything, I'm going to

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I'm Cancelling Various Stories; Reasons below · 11:55am Jul 7th, 2019

Yes, I know you've all been waiting oh so patiently, but the fact of the matter is A)I don't have the notes for them and B) I have lost the inspiration and drive to complete these certain ones. I want to start from square one as well as complete Baen's Journey so I can start the New Era of stories with a fresh breath of air and much less baggage of 'Incompletes' on my back. The stories in question are as follows.

1. The Problem with Moonstone
2. God Among Us

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Season 9 Approaches · 11:40am Mar 31st, 2019

Before any panic, I fully intend to keep writing here as best as I can. Life has just been taking priority more than it usually did back when I first started here, hence the slow updates. I've replaced an old computer which unfortunately took all project outlines and files with it, hence some cancelled work. But trust me when I say, I intend to keep on trucking. I have stories to tell, and I aim to get them told!

It's been a wild ride, let's break on through to the future my FELLOWS!!!

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My Cosplay for Fan-Expo 2018 in Vancouver is Complete! · 7:46am Sep 26th, 2018

'When innocent blood is spilled, The Ghost Rider shall be called forth to dispense vengeance.'

Look for me there on October 13-14, if you can find me that is o3o

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Had a Funny Convo with a Friend · 8:26pm Sep 1st, 2018

It was involving the Baen stories and if I'll continue them into the present season, despite earlier posts on the subject, I'm still figuring it out. But the topic was, 'What would Twilight put Baen as in terms of a School of Friendship position?'. We both agreed he'd be Campus security. Granted he'd be a tad dissapointed that Twilight didn't make him a Teacher.

Twilight: It's not so bad being Campus Security, it's actually an essential position.

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Just an Apology · 10:49am Aug 11th, 2018

I apologize for not being a frequent with my updates as I used to be, but balancing work and this took a while. I've at least finally found a medium so I'll update at a pace I'm good with. I just hope you all haven't moved on due to inactivity is all.....

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NEW CHAPTER IS UP · 8:30pm Jul 8th, 2018

Baen has made a comeback! And I'll be working on Chapters 9 and 10 this week :)

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The Reason I Haven't Updated (Don't worry, it's not bad) · 10:54am Jul 7th, 2018

Okay, gonna be honest.

1. I've been working long days, and they've been hard. Draining me of most of the free time I used to have and my energy.
2. I've been writing other things aside from MLP Stuffs, mostly cause as you all know, my old laptop had ALLLLL my notes on it.
3. I've been nervous about continuing, afraid that the lack of notes would affect my writing.

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MY BIRTHDAY DRAW NEIGH!!! · 9:55pm May 18th, 2018

May the 20th and I officially turn 25.....AND I STILL HAVE UPDATED NOTHING!!!!!!


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