• Published 8th Nov 2013
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The Star's Fall To Equestria - CrypticMetaphor

The Joestar's through the ages and space decend on Equestria to save it

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1- Star's Streak Across Heaven to Kiss The Earth

(In Days Long Past)

Starswirl the Bearded was greatly distressed; the old sage was great in power and as wise as both princesses but he could still feel fear, and right now was no different. Even though he was fearful, he kept himself level and at ease mentally as he began to scribble down notes. One thing that only a select few knew about was that the stars spoke to him, not metaphorically, but literally. He didn’t know why it happened or for what purpose, but when they spoke they showed him things that were to come. Like paintings moving along a slow stream, they were clear but hard to piece in sequence at times. His last prophecy had foretold of the second coming of Nightmare Moon and what would occur when she returned. But the vision he received now was a most troubling one, it depicted the elements of harmony with ponies with the most bizarre of abilities fighting a creature unlike anything seen before. He gasped in pain and placed a hoof to his chest for it was as he feared, his time was now upon him. He finished his final prophecy and wrapped it in a ribbon with a talisman. He then wrote down the last bit of instructions to his most trusted and beloved friend. He then shakily stood as sweat fell from him in buckets. He then took a seat in his most favorite arm chair and levitated the scroll onto his lap. He smiled, he had lived a long and rich life, and he could now die happy. The world around him then faded at the fringes before turning off like a light.


(Current Day)

Ponyville itself was quiet for the most part at night, not much except for the occasional night creature or all-nighter pony made a sound. Twilight Sparkle, resident librarian and princess was up and about gazing at the heavens through numerous telescopes (courtesy of Pinkie Pie) with great interest. She was taking notes on some strange irregularities; it was the oddest thing to. Certain stars were moved and older stars had been replaced by new ones. She narrowed her eyes as she witnessed something even stranger, it seemed that seven stars blinked in unison. She was about to zoom in for a closer look when a tap on the shoulder drew her attention with a jump.

“Twilight, it’s three AM, why are you still up?”

Twilight sighed in slight annoyance, “Spike, I’m on the brink of discovering a cosmic event unlike any other! What pony in their right mind would sleep at a time like this?”

Spike looked to the side, “A pony that’s not completely crazy.”

Twilight narrowed her eyes and growled in frustration.

That’s when the massive bang that shook the town was heard and felt.


Rarity was busy, well more to the point, she was absolutely SWAMPED. Several last minute orders had been sent to her and she was hard at work getting them right, the customer came before her health after all. She sighed as she finished one out of ten and went to work on number two. Excited but muffled giggles caused her ears to flick in the direction of the nose. She groaned in mild annoyance and ascended the stairs to her little sister’s room and opened the door. Seated around a flashlight were three guilty looking fillies.

Sweetie Belle smiled, “Oh…um.”

“Sweetie Belle, I thought I told you lights out.”

“But Rarity,” the white filly whined, “we wanna stay up like the older ponies do.”

Rarity looked at Sweetie’s friends who had gone back to their sleeping bags much to Sweetie Belle’s chagrin.

“Traitors,” she mumbled.

Rarity sighed, “Sweetie Belle, listen to me. You’re too young to stay up late, you need your sleep. After all, a mare does most of her growing when she sleeps.”

Scootaloo suddenly spoke up, “Whoa look at that!”

All four ponies came to the window and gazed outside. The sky itself flashed bright, like a rainboom had gone off. Rarity scanned the sky but saw no sign of Rainbow Dash, what she did see was truly amazing. Seven meteors, all glowing gold and silver streaked across the heavens. Rarity had to admit, it was as Rainbow Dash would put it, cool. But her eyes widened in shock and fear as one of the meteors deviated from its course…and headed straight at them. Rarity grabbed the girls and rushed them from the room. The meteor smashed through the wall behind them, then through the floor into the cellar below. Rarity screamed in horror at the damage done to her house as the Cutie Mark Crusaders looked on in shock. Rarity cautiously approached the brim of the hole and gazed into its depths, smoke and steam obscured her vision. Thing is, she could swear she was picking up something breathing weakly.

“Girls, I want you to run and get Twilight,” she glanced at them, “please hurry.”

The CMC saluted and rushed outside. Rarity on the other hoof, went downstairs and threw open the door leading to the cellar. Smoke billowed out into the main room as she coughed; she then used her magic to cut a path through the din of black and ventured forth.



Braeburn was busy outside making his rounds at the orchard when he saw a light heading toward him.

“What in Equestria?”

The meteor surged over his head and smashed into a mountain side.


(The Raining Forests of Southern Equestria)

Daring Do was recovering at her base camp after exploring the nearby temple. The door was sealed up tighter than a drum, and she was not happy.

“Of all the rotten luck, how in the hay am I supposed to finish my latest book if I can’t-“

A meteor streaked across the sky and smashed down a mile from her camp.



Several fire squads were being deployed across the city after a meteor had streaked through the business district and splashed down in the bay outside the city.


(Las Pegasus)

In the desert region outside Las Pegasus, a shape stirred in a crater. This shape had golden blonde hair.

(Dodge Junction)

Cherry Jubilee was staring in utter disbelief at a massive line of broken and torched trees leading to a massive crater.


(Outside The Crystal Empire)

Far in the snow away from the train station was a now snowed over crater. Inside the crater a shape squirmed as the cold bit at it.


While the other meteor’s touched down, Rarity was busy making her way past old supplies that had fallen over and created a veritable mine field of potential accidents waiting to happen. Rarity looked around as she once again picked up the sound of breathing. She advanced further, skeptical of what awaited her in the darkness. She didn’t believe in aliens, but the last thing she wanted was something leaping from the darkness and latching onto her face. She stopped when she saw a shape on the ground. She approached with caution and levitated the shape from the ground and brought it out of the cellar. She flicked on all of her lights and gingerly laid down…the pony? The creature was indeed a pony, or something that looked a lot like an earth pony. She could tell that the pony was quite fit and was male. She tilted her head and noticed that the stallion’s coat was a faded black color. Its mane and tail were a dark blue; though it seemed wild looking it held a sort of refinement to it. She brushed the mane aside and got a look at his face, though it was youthful like most stallions in town, it seemed as if it was hardened. The stallion’s eyes fluttered open; they were the most enchanting color blue.

Rarity tilted her head in concern, “Are you alright?”

The stallion reached out and touched her face in a gentle caress, “Erina…even now you still care for me…”

Rarity became confused but blushed lightly, “Sir, I mean no disrespect but your speaking nonsense.”

The stallion blinked several times to clear his vision and he looked straight into Rarity’s eyes in bewilderment and shock, “What the devil?!”

The pony tried to stand quickly, but the sudden shifting of weight and new center of balance caused him to fall backwards and smash his head into a wall. He rubbed his head in pain and then glanced at his front hooves. He could only muster a squeak of surprise as he gazed at Rarity in utter horror.

Rarity raised her hooves defensively as the pony shakily stood, “Sir, calm down. You’ve been through quite an odd ordeal.”

The stallion looked to the side at a mirror and gazed in both wonderment and shock. Rarity took notice that a small patch of his coat at the nape of his neck was a light peach color and was in the shape of a star.

Rarity stepped forward, “Sir?”

The stallion turned and reached up to part his mane in the front with his hoof before turning, “Yes?”

Rarity took notice that he possessed a slight Trottingham accent, “Might I ask for your name?”

The stallion bowed in respect, which was quite a feat, “Jonathan Joestar, miss?”

Rarity smiled at his manner, “Rarity.”

Jonathan stepped toward her, “Lady Rarity, might I trouble you with some questions?”

Rarity waved a hoof, “Not at all.”

Jonathan sighed, “Where am I, how did I get here, and why am I suddenly an equine?”

Rarity though still on the defensive cleared her throat, “You speak as though you’ve never been a pony before.”

“I should think so,” Jonathan became puzzled, “I am a human, or more so, I was.”

Rarity became greatly puzzled, “Human?”

Jonathan nodded, “Indeed, but what still baffles me is how I ended up here.”

“That’s also a question I want answered, Mister Joestar.”

Jonathan took notice of a purple winged unicorn that he had not heard enter.

Rarity turned, “Twilight, how long-“

“For two minutes,” Twilight looked at Jonathon, “As for where you are Mister Joestar, you’re in Equestria. How you got here, you fell from the sky.”

Jonathan was wide eyed, “What?”

Author's Note:

I apologize if this is or seems rushed, but i wrote this at 2am. Now before anyone gets all hissy fitty, the reason Jonathan isn't still freaking out is a simple answer. The Joestar's have fought and seen things...well...bizarre in their lifetimes. So being turned into ponies though unsettling and frightening, isn't really that horrifying or petrifying. They will have learning curves later down the road, but nonetheless, i've wanted to see a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure crossover for awhile. Plus this is something i can do alongside Villainous for the time being. Rest assured the rest of the story won't be rushed, so give it a chance.

To my other fellow JoJo fan's, the reason there is only seven is because i have yet to read up to the current arc.