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The Star's Fall To Equestria - CrypticMetaphor

The Joestar's through the ages and space decend on Equestria to save it

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2- Twilight of The Stars

The day that followed after the meteors was to say in every sense of the word chaotic. Reports of fires, destruction, as well as some supposed petrification of ponies out of fear circulated as gossip. Out of all the ponies in town, one was feeling like the largest fish out of water. Jonathan glanced around in intrigue as well as slight fear. This world was similar to the one he had left behind during that fateful skirmish aboard that boat…but what confused him most of all was that for some reason he was alive and well, and It felt natural. The last things he recalled was his life slowly leaving him and Dio screaming. Dio Brando, he wondered if his sacrifice had worked or had been in vain.

“Jonathan, are you alright? You seemed troubled.”

Jonathan glanced to his right at Rarity, “Oh, it’s nothing. I was merely…reminiscing.”

After being given the rundown of his reasons for ending up in the land named Equestria, which he found mildly amusing, he immediately saw the damage he had wreaked and told Rarity that he would fix it. Though she informed him it was not his fault, he insisted. She took it rather well, if not rather flattered by his manner; he did aspire to be a perfect gentleman and he wouldn’t stop even if she was a pony. His father had always taught him to be civil and kind to all, women included. The alicorn introduced herself as Twilight Sparkle. She informed him that the coming day they would head to the present royalty to get a better handle on the situation. Jonathan admitted though he had no quams with this, he inquired where he might be able to sleep, Rarity was there immediately. She offered to allow him to stay at her home as long as he needed to, though he informed her he did not wish to be a burden, he accepted after she persisted.

Jonathan glanced around, “Tell me Miss. Sparkle, where is it we are heading? Are we not going to see your ruler?”

Twilight blushed slightly at the official addressing, “Just call me Twilight. Everypony does. In answer to your question, we have to stop at my home to pick up the rest of the girls.”

Jonathan gave a respective nod, “My apologies Twilight.”

Jonathan then took notice of how the architecture resembled that of his homes era and became engrossed in quite a magnificent home as Twilight stopped Rarity.

“Rarity, can I talk to you for a moment?”

Rarity looked puzzled, “About what Twilight?”

“Jonathan,” she saw the stallion in question examining the three floor building, “there’s something…off about him. I mean he claims to be a human which are nothing but myths that my mom used to tell me when I was little. Plus he just gives off this,” Jonathan poked an odd plant that had sprouted from the ground and seemed to examine it in great detail, “unusual aura. It’s almost like he’s a walking sun.”

Rarity glanced back at Jonathan as he was then inspecting his new features, “I think he’s sweet, true he’s quite odd. But he’s so,” Jonathan raised his eyebrows as he styled his mane, “old fashioned. Almost like a real prince.”

Twilight smiled slightly at the remark but became serious, “Be that as it may, I think he might have something to do with that meteor shower that happened. Immediately after his meteor touched down, I was bombarded with letters from Princess Celestia. It was strange though, she not only mentioned to bring the girls, but to also “bring the star”, she moved her hooves for emphasis.

Rarity glanced at the star shaped mark on the back of Jonathan’s neck, “You don’t think…”

Twilight nodded, “I do. The princess is wise and powerful, but even I don’t know the full extent of her powers of perception.”

Jonathan approached as the girls ceased their talking; his mane now more presentable looking with his bangs parted neatly and asked with slight concern, “Is something the matter?”

Twilight shook her head, “It’s nothing. Come on lets go.”

As Twilight led the way Rarity bit her lip and glanced at Jonathan, “Jonathan.”

The stallion glanced sideways at her, “Yes?”

“I hate to ask this, probably personal question,” she pointed to his flank, “but why is it you have no cutie mark?”

Jonathan looked at his flank then at hers, “I’m not sure,” he then realized his action and blushed as he looked away, “I apologise that was rude of me.”

Rarity giggled at the display, Twilight then cleared her throat and declared proudly, “Well we’re here! Golden Oaks Library.”

Jonathan was immediately in front of her, his eyes filled with wonder, “You live inside a tree? Astounding! To actually fashion a home with furnishings within a hallowed tree, it’s like something out of a fable!”

Twilight chuckled, “It’s not that great. Trust me Jonathan, we have many other different things.”

“Yeah like where I live.”

Jonathan glanced up and saw a pegasus staring down at him with an amused smirk, “Sup?”

“Well you apparently,” Jonathan was further astounded due to the fact that the pony was looking at him from a cloud.

Rainbow Dash landed in front of him and turned to Twilight with a smirk, “I like this guy, he’s like a male Rarity, except less prissy and he’s actually funny.”

Rarity turned slightly red, “HEY!”

Jonathan scowled at the pegasus, “That was most uncalled for, I ask that you apologize at once to Lady Rarity.”

Rarity blushed lightly as Rainbow Dash raised her front hooves, “Whoa man it’s cool, we’re all friends here right Twilight?”

Twilight nodded as Jonathan raised a skeptical eyebrow, “She’s right, Jonathan, this is Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash, this is Jonathan Joestar.”

Rainbow Dash shook Jonathan’s hoof, “How ya doin Jojo, nice to meet you. Any friend of my friends is a friend of mine.”

Jonathan smiled at the use of his old nickname, “It’s nice to make your acquaintance Miss Dash. Though in the future, please refrain from such harsh words at the expense of others.”

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes but gave a small smile as Twilight ushered them inside, “I only promise to try,” she then nudged him, “don’t be so uptight, and just call me Dash, RD, or Rainbow.”

Jonathan thought for moment then stuck out his tongue, “I only promise to try.”

Rainbow grinned at the playful banter and walked in to a room full of three other mares.

Twilight raised a hoof toward Jonathan who waited for Rarity to enter last before closing the door, “Girls this is Jonathan Joestar, Jonathan these are my friends,” she pointed to each one in turn with their names, “Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and that’s Fluttershy.”

The one known as Applejack approached Jonathan and shook his hoof, “Howdy Jonathan, nice to meetcha.”

Jonathan nodded as the shaking ceased, “Likewise.”

Pinkie Pie walked around him for a moment looking him up and down before opening his mouth and checking his teeth. Everypony, especially Jonathan, were confused as all hell at the display as she examined him like a fitness instructor would.

After a solid minute Pinkie Pie nodded in satisfaction, “Yep, he’s a keeper.”

Rainbow Dash’s brain fizzled slightly, “Wha? You’re not going to throw him a party? Bombard him with cakes and words? NO PRANKS!?”

Pinkie Pie booped her on the nose, “Not yet silly filly, we don’t have the complete set yet.”

Jonathan blinked a couple of times, “Excuse me?”

Fluttershy smiled, “Oh she’s just being Pinkie Pie.”

The girls went agape at Fluttershy being so open with the new stallion. Jonathan on the other hoof smiled warmly.

“Good day Fluttershy,” he bowed his head, “it’s nice to meet you as well.”

Fluttershy turned beet red as Twilight clapped her hooves together, “Alright girls, I’m sorry but we don’t have time for longer introductions. The Princess wants to see us all immediately,” she glanced at Jonathan who was flipping through a book, “You too.”

Jonathan nodded as he stood, “How do we get there? Carriage? Train?”

Twilight shook her head, “Nope, Teleportation.”

Jonathan was surprised at this, “Telepor-“

Everypony vanished in a flash of light.


A flash of light in the entrance hall of Canterlot Castle deposited the seven ponies as Jonathan finished his sentence slower at realizing what just occurred, “-tation….”

Jonathan glanced around frantically then regained his composure, “Astounding.”

Twilight giggled, “Are you always going to say that?”

“No,” he flattened his new ears sheepishly, “only when I see things I haven’t seen before.”

“Well then you’d best prepare yourself Mister Joestar.”

All ponies turned to see Princess Celestia who wore a kind smile that held both a welcoming aura but also one of seriousness, “Greetings my little ponies.”

Jonathan approached Celestia and kneeled before her and kissed her hoof, “My lady, I am truly humbled to be in your presence.”

Celestia nodded but ushered him to stand, “There is no need to bow Mister Joestar, I am afraid the time for formalities has passed. Please follow me and I’ll explain why it is I have called you,” she glanced at Jonathan, “all here.”

As they walked Twilight decided to address the elephant in the room, “Princess,” Celestia glanced at her fellow Princess as Twilight continued, “How did you know Jonathan was here, for that matter, how did you know his name?”

Applejack nodded, “From what Twilight told us this morning he just arrived yesterday.”

Celestia halted in as they entered the throne room, “I know a lot about Jonathan, in fact, I’ve been monitoring his family’s exploits for quite some years now.”

Everypony spoke as one, “WHAT?!”

Celestia sat upon her throne as Luna entered with a scroll and an odd talisman that she placed before her sister before seating herself. Celestia waited as the ponies lined up in front of her.

“Now rest assured, what I am about to tell must not reach the ears of other ponies,” she sighed, “not yet any way.”

Celestia leaned back and gazed evenly at them, “Now, long ago in my youth, before I had to banish Luna. Starswirl the Bearded was my most loyal and trusted friend, but he was just as wise if not more so than I,” she gazed into space and began to reminisce, “but with all his wisdom and power he also possessed a gift that an extremely rare few ponies possess. The stars could commune with him.”

Twilight’s eye widened in wonderment, “The stars? But doesn't that mean?”

Celestia nodded, “He was granted the power of prophecy,” she unfurled the scroll, “though some were vague, most of them are ones that have already come to pass.”

All six mares looked at each other as Rainbow said, “So that means…”

Celestia nodded with her warm smile, “It was in every sense of the words, your destinies.”

Pinkie Pie smiled the biggest she could as she hugged her friends but stopped, “But what does that mean about Jojo?”

Celestia nodded and answered rather differently, "There will come a time, when seven stars fall. Upon this day, a bizarre journey must take place to gather them together. For the evil they herald possesses powers unlike any other, sono chi no sadame!"

Jonathan tapped his chin, “Seven stars…,” his eyes widened in realization, “wait you mean?”

Celestia nodded and gestured to his neck, “Six others who bear your birthmark are within my land.”

Twilight walked to Jonathan’s side, “But how did they get here?”

Celestia levitated the talisman, “This brought them here. Before Starswirl passed, the instructions he left me were written specifically for me to tell the first Joestar that arrived before me.”

Jonathan was all business, “I’m listening.”

Celestia inhaled, “During Starswirl’s last night, he placed an enchantment on this talisman. The enchantment bound itself to the Joestar bloodline, starting with you. But it only bound itself to those chosen by fate, those who have combatted a great evil and prevailed. Once all of the Joestar’s fulfilled their duties on your world, they were to be brought here by the talismans magic. However, the teleportation to our world would only engage when the last one was done with his or her destiny. Then the true battle would begin here.”

Jonathan nodded in understanding, “So, to fight this evil, we must gather the Joestars that had been brought here? “

Celestia nodded once more, “Yes.”

Luna looked to the side, “Unfortunately we have not been able to isolate exactly where the others have ended up.”

Rarity thought on the statement, “Then does that mean you know where one of them is?”

Luna stood up and approached them producing a tourist map, “Indeed.”

All the mares and Jonathan gathered around the map that read ‘Manehatten’.

Jonathan nodded, “I see, do you all know where this is?”

Applejack raised a hoof, “Ah know the route to get us there the fastest.”

Jonathan shook his head, “I am afraid I can’t allow that,” everypony present gazed in shock, “this has been prophesized to be my family’s fight. I can’t allow you all to endanger yourselves.”

Rainbow Dash shook her head with confidence, “Can’t let that happen dude, if you’re going we’re going with you. Right girls?”

Twilight smiled, “I actually am quite interested in meeting the rest of the family.”

Fluttershy meekly looked up, “I’ve always wanted to see the city…”

Rarity bounced her mane, “Jonathan you must learn something about me, though I am a lady, I can hold my own in a scuffle.”

Rainbow Dash and Applejack smiled, “Plus we got your back.”

Pinkie Pie was wearing a pink and white headband around her head as well as a lime green vest, “Let’s rock this party JOJO!”

Jonathan smiled, “Thank you all, I greatly appreciate it. But you all understand the potential risks?”

They all nodded.

Jonathan turned to the Princesses, “I vow on my honor as a gentlemen and on the name of my family Joestar, I shall defend your land with my life and all who lay within.”

Celestia and Luna nodded as they departed, “Good luck my little ponies.”

As they ran to the train station Jonathan stopped for a moment to gaze at the horizon. The mares looked upon him and saw something inspiring. Whenever they went on an adventure they never looked much into it, but looking upon Jonathan, they saw a spirit. The spirit to fight, the spirit to defend, and a spirit that burned brighter than the sun itself.

Rarity stepped forward, “Jonathan, before we depart I must ask, to you wish for me to craft you an outfit for the trips to come?”

Jonathan smiled as the sun shined behind him, “If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, I have an idea in mind.”

Rainbow Dash tapped her chin, “You know I’m wondering, who’s the first Joestar we’re picking up anyway?”

Jonathan and the girls stood as Twilight prepared to teleport them to Rarity’s Boutique as the stallion nodded in thought, “Not sure, but if he’s a Joestar. He’s most likely like me, honourable, well mannered, and above all else, respects fellows.”

The flash engulfed them


(Manehatten, Many hours later.)

The bar tender tapped his hoof impatiently as the stallion at the far end of the bar drank another pint of hard cider. The stallion had a dark green coat and a peached coloured patch of fur on the nape of his neck in the shape of a star. His mane and tail were medium in length and a dark brown, the mane on his head was wildly messy and seemed to naturally curve forward. His tail was just wild looking.

The stallion tapped his hoof on the counter, “Another!”

The bar tender shook his head, “You’ve had enough, plus you owe me bits.”

The stallion laughed, “I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”

The Bartender tilted his head, “You owe m-”

“NO! The other one.”

“You’ve had enough,” The bar tender then felt the wrong side of the pint glass hit his face knocking him over.

The Bartender wheezed on pain as blood dripped down.

The Stallion stood over him as his blue eyes burned holes into the Bartender, “Where the fuck do you get off telling me I’ve had enough eh? This is a bar, you serve patrons, I’m a patron!”

A zebra placed a hoof on The Stallion, “Oi, calm yourself before I do it for you.”

The stallion glared at the zebra, “Could you say that again? More slowly? In a language I understand? Depending on what you said, I might kick your ass!”

The Zebra narrowed his eyes, “I said, calm down or I’ll kick your flank tourist.”

The Stallion pursed his lips and responded with a swift kick to the Zebra’s barrel and then bringing his right forehoof into the Zebra’s chin.

The Bartender shakily stood up, “Who in Tartarus do you think you are.”

The light above the stallion cast ominous lines upon his youthful features, “Joseph Joestar, nice to meet ya, next you’re gonna say, ‘you shouldn’t have done that son.’”

The Bartender looked at the Zebra, “You shouldn’t have don-“

The Bartender’s shocked expression caused Joseph to smirk…only for him to be hit with a chair.